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1) Look at your schedule to see when you're available for a one-hour check in.

2) Go to your coach's link or method of booking listed (below).

3) Choose an appropriate time slot and fill out the necessary information. Note where your coach will be that day.  For texting or emailing requests, provide a few different choices of dates and times to your coach. 

4) Book it! A confirmation will be sent to your email. Now, put that check in on your calendar and set your reminder.
Ms. Jenni:

Ms. Nneka:
Text directly to:  240-630-1224 

Ms. Rachel:
Text directly to: 240.242.5423
                          Mr. Dennis

Ms. Courtney: 

Mr. Peter:

Ms Destiney 
 Text directly to:  202.695.3718



"Do you have any winter holiday traditions that you usually participate in with your friends and/or family?" 

    Ms. Jenni 
"Every year, Ted, Vidal and I set aside an evening to do our family holiday cards.  We make mulled cider, put on Christmas music, and talk about what our friends and family mean to us as we sign our cards to them. Growing up, my family never sent out holiday cards, so this is a fun family tradition that Ted, Vidal and I have started for ourselves."

                                  Ms. Nneka
Every winter I travel to my hometown, Milwaukee, WI. I usually spend the Christmas holiday catching up with my mom, organizing, cleaning, and enjoying the "downtime" of not having a rigorous schedule to abide to. I usually return from this trip feeling somewhat rejuvenated and ready to start the busy new year!

Ms. Rachel
I love the food surrounding the holidays. In my family, we always have "red sauce" on Christmas Eve, with lots of cookies for dessert (usually an assortment of chocolate/mint, chocolate/hazelnut, and chocolate/orange-notice the theme?), and for Christmas morning we have homemade crepes. Just the thought makes my mouth water in anticipation!

Ms. Fenise 
"My family is really into our Holiday traditions, and we start decorating and party planning early. My favorite is picking out the family tree. We buy a "live" Christmas tree, and immediately decorate it while playing our favorite holiday music. We also attend several annual concerts in various genres from classical and Jazz to Gospel. It's always a great time of year!"

Mr. Dennis

"Our family tradition was for all of the grandkids and families to go over to my grandmother's house on Christmas Eve for a big family dinner, and all the kids got to open one present on Christmas Eve."

Ms. Courtney

" For Christmas each year, my family comes together to cook a huge dinner, essentially Thanksgiving Dinner 2.0. Everyone bustles around the kitchen, and each person has a specific role. We also have the tradition of going to church together on New Year's Eve to bring in the New Year together, in prayer, as a family. "

Mr. Peter 
"I grew up in a card game-playing family, and each year we get in at least two or three rounds of Oh Hell (similar to Spades if you know it)."

Ms. Destiney

"In recent years, due to several of us who don't celebrate Xmas, my family has started a  new family tradition: a gift exchange. We take advantage of holiday time off from work and get together Xmas eve. In this exchange, everyone buys a $20 secret gift that has a theme. Each gift is numbered; everyone pulls a number from the 'Holiday basket' (decorated that same night by the youngest and oldest in the family) and then opens their box. Last year we added the bonus of either keeping your own numbered gift or you could take any other gift that was previously gifted."

Shout out to Cindy Pontachack, a third-year Information Technology student at Towson University, for securing a summer internship at Deloitte as a Business Technology Analyst! Congrats again, Cindy!

Shout out to Jackie Hernandez (Montgomery College). Her coach is incredibly proud of  Jackie. She has been through a lot in the last two years, but through it all, she has shown amazing grit, courage, and determination to get re-enrolled at MC this semester. Way to go Jackie!!!!

Shout out to Doug Flores. Frostburg is sometimes a difficult school to transition to, and Doug has started out his 1st year tremendously well by staying on top of all of his classes and looking to start college with a strong GPA. Keep up the stellar work, Doug! 

Shout out to all of our Southern Vermont Students, especially our first-year students, who are learning to deal with extreme weather and multiple snow falls! They were prepared for the cold and snow and making the best of it, salute!

Shout out to Marwa Barrow for jumping into her college experience full throttle! Marwa, a sophomore at UMD, has already had an internship, job shadowing opportunity, and active membership in campus organizations all while maintaining a great GPA! She followed up on a unique internship offer that others didn't and is already being asked to come back again this Spring. Way to go Marwa; we see you shooting to the top!

Shout out to Carina Umanzor and Alex Sempero for graduating this semester from MC! Congrats to you both!!!

We are proud of each and everyone of you!
If you have a had a particular success you would like us to feature make sure to share it with your coach! 




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  • Research jobs and internships in your area of interest, and if you plan to return to your summer job from last year, touch base now with your employer.
  • If you are transferring (particularly community college students) visit or talk to Admissions Counselors at your schools of interest
  • If enrolled this semester, send your fall transcript to your coach.  If you'll be enrolled in the spring, send your spring class schedule to your coach.
  • Finish your FAFSA, if you're FAFSA eligible and haven't already done so.
  • And most importantly...... ENJOY SOME WELL-DESERVED TIME OFF!!!!

Talent Corner  
Meet:   Souhail Abinnour
Scholar at Montgomery College                         

1. What genre of music would you classify your music:
"So for the first question, I classify my music as R&B/ POP music"

2. What artists inspire you to make your music:
"The artist that inspires me is Travis Scott"

3. How long have you been making/producing music:
"I've been making music for about three years, and I always learn new things
every day."

Please follow this link to take a listen to Souhail's music- enjoy!

     Name                 Deadline     Amount            Eligibility                                  How to Apply
Top 10 List Scholarship
- Must be at least 13 years old.
- Must be a legal resident of 1 of 50 US states or DC
- Must be enrolled or plan to enroll in an accredited postsecondary institution no later than Fall 2024
- Must submit a 250 word or less essay on the following topic:"10 Things You Love About You. Create a top 10 list of the top ten reasons you should get this scholarship."
- Must be between the ages of 13-25
- Eligibility requirements vary for each scholarship
- Must complete 3 easy steps to apply for a scholarship:
1) Sign up for a campaign
2) Complete the campaign (some take 5 minutes or less)
3) Upload a picture to show you completed the campaign

Unigo 10k Scholarship
- Must be at least 13 years old
- Must be legal resident of 1 of 50 US states or DC
- Must be enrolled or plan to enroll in an accredited postsecondary institution no later than Fall 2024
- Must submit a 250 word or less essay on the following topic:
"Imagine a historical figure is brought back to life. Who is it? What's their favorite mobile app?"

We've Moved!

To better meet the needs of our growing scholar population and staff we have moved to downtown Silver Spring! Please note our new address:  8737 Colesville Rd, Suite 1010, Silver Spring, MD 20910.  We are closest to the Town Square public parking garage on Spring Street, the bus stop of Colesville Rd. and Spring Street; and an easy 6 minute walk from the Silver Spring Metro station.  Schedule your next check in and meet with your Success Coach at our new location today. We can't wait to see you here!

Career Calendar 

Career Center Events
Montgomery College
Dec. 5th - Frito Lay Washington DC Career Fair (Beltsville, MD)


Frostburg State

April 3rd - Spring Career and Internship Fair

April 17th - Education Job Fair


Dec. 5th - Peace Corps Information Session

Dec. 7th - Coffee Chat with Goucher Alum


(Check back in January)


March 6th - Career and Internship Fair


Morgan State

Feb. 5th - Connections Internship Fair

April 10th - Spring Job Fair


Dec. 1st - PG County's Public Schools Teacher Recruitment Fair


Dec. 3rd - Blue Water Hospitality Job Fair

Dec. 4th - Business Etiquetter Dinner


Dec. 7th - Masmi Sales Competition

Southern Vermont

Dec. 6th - What to Wear (Or Not!) Fashion Show


Dec. 4th - LinkedIn Photo Booth


Dec. 5th - Baltimore Career Fair

Univ. of Maryland

Dec. 5th - How to Find an Internship

Dec. 5th - Peace Corps Application Workshop

Note : If you don't see your school above, make sure to check out the Career Center events calendar for upcoming events on your campus.



The CollegeTracks Success Team wishes you success as you prepare to take final exams. Please schedule a check in with your Coach if you have questions, concerns or if you want study skill tips to help you succeed. We are here for you. Good luck!

**December 10-16**
Final exams for Fall 2018

**December 16**
Official end of Fall 2018 semester

**December 17**
Online-only classes begin for Winter Session 2019

**January 2, 2019**
Winter Session: Campus-based and short session online classes begin

**Stress Buster - Guiding Eyes**
Thursday, December, 2018; 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HS), 
Room 001  Germantown Campus

**Food For Thought**
Wednesday-Thursday, December 10-11, 2018; 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HS), 
Bookstore Lobby  Germantown Campus


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