MAY 2018
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    Ms. Jenni Adams
     Success Program Director
      Ms. Nneka Onyilofor
     Success Coach

    Ms. Rachel Lostumbo
     Success Coach

    Ms. Fenise Dunson
     Success Coach


1) Look at your schedule to see when you're available for a 1-hour check in.

2) Go to your coach's link (below).

3) Choose an appropriate time slot and fill out the necessary information. Note where your coach will be that day.

4) Book it! A confirmation will be sent to your email. Now, put that check in on your calendar and set your reminder.
Ms. Jenni:

Ms. Nneka:

Ms. Rachel:

Mr. Peter:

Mr. Sean:

"What is one exciting or fun thing that you have planned for the summer"

    Ms. Jenni 
"I'm going to Iowa to help my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this summer.  After all my parents have done for me and my brothers, we're excited to celebrate this golden accomplishment in their love and life"

                                  Ms. Nneka
"I will fly my soon to be 7 year old daughter to Wisconsin to visit her grandmother. While we are in my hometown of Wisconsin, we will visit a water park in Wisconsin Dells. My daughter is learning how to swim and I look forward to seeing her show off her skills. I also look forward to sun bathing and relaxing with family"

Ms. Rachel
"My summer is starting off with a bang as my oldest daughter is graduating from college and my other daughter is coming home from her first year of college! I will then have a little time with all three of my kids at home, at least for a few days, which makes me super excited!!"

Ms. Fenise 
"I plan on traveling and visiting family in NYC, MS, IN and FL!I also plan on actually planting and maintaining a veggie garden."

Mr. Dennis
"My daughter and I are planning to go to as many new Six Flags theme parks as we can this summer!"

Ms. Courtney
"This summer for my birthday I'm taking a solo Texas road trip to San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Ft. Worth, and Dallas. I'm really excited for it!" 

Mr. Peter 
"Getting Married!"

                                    Mr. Sean 
"I have plans on attending the Afro-Punk music festival in Paris during the last week 
of July."

Major Shout out from Ms. Fenise to the following students for accepting internships and job offers for this summer:  
Diani Maxwell - Excellon Corporation  (Internship), Dagimwat Alemu-Dupont  (Internship), Jason Vargas - IBM (Internship), Abigael Gebremariam - National Children's Hospital (Internship)

Special Shout out to Tsedenya Getahun from Trinity Washington for getting a booklet published through her work at Nonviolence International and to Jocelyn Alvarenga Cango, also from Trinity Washington, for bouncing back from a rough fall semester by earning her best GPA in nursing school yet. Great work, Trinity women!

Great Shout out to soon to be graduate from Montgomery College, Alex Casso, for getting accepted into USG for fall 2018 to study Criminal Justice!

Magnanimous Shout out to  Daniel Novoa for successfully completing his Marine Corps Boot camp!

Gigantic Shout out to all students who completed the coach survey.  Your feedback was greatly appreciated as we always strive to provide the best coaching experience we can for students!

Monumental Shout out to the following students who graduated from Future Link this week:
Darlene Guardado,  Mustaf Ibrahim,  Khama Abbott,  Natalie Morales,  Tenneh Dukuly,
Ayathma Wickramasinghe

CollegeTracks Success Scholars and Future Link alumni Edwin Benitez, Jessica Ramos Hinostroza, Carol Lopez and Alex Sempero attended Future Link's 10th Anniversary Celebration."

Colossal Shout out to all of our students graduating with 2YR and 4YR degrees, as well as from JobCorps!

To all of our scholars, we are proud of your accomplishments both large and small, please keep up the great work!




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The Summer Kickoff Check List

The summer break is a time to have some fun, rest and relaxation. But you can also take advantage of this time off by interning, traveling and preparing for the fall. The following is a summer checklist of items to complete as a continuing college student. 
︎ Update your résumé
A current résumé is important for college students to have on hand at all times. You never know when an opportunity for a job might pop up, and you definitely want to have one ready for your college's fall Career and Internship fairs. Check with your Career Services office on campus for those dates and for resume examples.
✔︎   Create or update your LinkedIn profile
Another way you can prepare for professional opportunities is to have a   LinkedIn profile. Update your college details, job experience, volunteer projects, etc. Don't forget to join the official group for your college/university. 
✔︎   Sort through your email inbox
Now's the time to delete all that junk mail that accumulated in your inbox throughout the semester. Go through your email inbox, delete any unneeded emails and unsubscribe from unnecessary mailing lists. It is extremely important to check your email for financial aid awards and updates, housing information, class and other advising notices. 
✔︎   Organize and back up your devices
Take a few minutes to upload photos from your phone to your computer, delete unused apps and update your software. On your computer, back up your files, organize your documents and photos and download the latest version of your operating system. Archive assignments and other resources from the previous semester to free up space and prevent confusion. 
✔︎   Clean out your notebooks and binders
You know all those notebooks and folders from last semester that you put in the corner of your closet as soon as you got home for the summer? You should really clean them out! Go through your papers and recycle any you don't need. Save the folders that are in good shape to reuse next year.
✔︎   Clean and store your dorm appliances and bedding
You'll be glad to bring back clean appliances and bedding next year. Store it in a plastic bins and you will be all set for the fall. 
✔︎  Work/Intern and SAVE your MONEY!! 
Working or interning this summer is an awesome opportunity to earn money for the upcoming year.  Create a budget and commit a certain amount to be used to defer costs for the year or use all of it to contribute to your educational needs.  This money will come in handy for a variety of things and you will be very glad you didn't spend it all on concerts and traveling! 

Great advice from some advanced CollegeTracks Scholars on how to make the most of your summer vacation. 
"It is important to use the summer to enhance educational experiences and expand your knowledge by being involved in fellowships and internships. If you are interested in research, I would suggest looking into the McNair Program, as it prepares students for a PhD program. It was one of the best decisions I made in college, as it provided me research experience during the summer." --  Ahlam Akmel, Senior at UMD
"I would tell them to just be active, like hang out with friends and try to do something you haven't done before. And then two weeks before school starts, prepare whatever you need to have done so that the last week is all about rest before all hell breaks loose. But in all honesty, getting my things done ahead of time helped me out. I even spent 3 hours figuring out which form of taking notes helped me best. Definitely helped me in those very hard classes." -- Kate Kim, MC 2nd year

"To reap the best summer, you should get a job in your career and pursue a monthly challenge. By spending time outside, you can maintain your health. This will assist with motivation and freedom!" 
-- Megan Thompson, MC 2nd year 

We wish you the best during your summer vacation! Remember just because school is out doesn't mean you can't reach out to your Success Coach.  Schedule your next check-in today!

Talent Corner
This month's Talent Corner submission comes from 
2 018 Graduating Scholar 
Kim Higuit 

Kim Higuit
Kim Higuit, is graduating from Montgomery Community College this month and plans to continue her studies towards a BA in Animation.
When did you first begin to draw?
I started to draw when I was in elementary school, I was very into anime at the time, and tried to mimic the style - and afterwards I developed my own style!

What inspires you to draw? 
Everything! Music, emotions, other artists,  movies, people, nature! I find that the more you are exposed to and experience different things fills your head 
with ideas and more material to draw from (pun intended) 
and create art with.
What is your favorite medium (pastels, oils, etc)?
Recently, I draw a lot with charcoal and paint with acrylics for class. But I love digital art and 3D modeling. 
Do you do any other types of writing or art? 
Yes, I want to try everything! I have been trying to write scripts for anima ted shorts that I can create on my own. I also play music.
Do you plan to continue to draw in the future? If so in what medium?
Of course, I hope to do it for a living. Probably in digital 2D animation and 3D animation. I also love figure drawing with charcoal, paint, pens, pencils, basically anything I can get my hands on.

By Kim Hilguit

Do you have a talent or skill that you would like featured in our Talent Showcase Corner? We would love to showcase your talent in music, poetry, visual arts and more!  Please share your information with your Success Coach! 

Don't miss out! Scholarships are a great way to help pay for your school, books, transportation, etc.  And best of all, you don't have to pay them back!

Name:  Education Scholarship
Deadline: 5/3/18
Amount: $6000
Eligibility Requirements:
African American,  Male,  MCPS high school graduate,
GPA 3.0 or better,  Accepted to an accredited college or university
How to Apply: 
Name: Number 5 Scholarship
Deadline: 5/31/18
Amount: $1500
Requirements: Be 13 or older at time of application,
Be a legal resident of 50 states or DC,
Be currently enrolled ( or no later than Fall 2024) in a
Post-secondary institution
How to apply: 
Name:  Bonnie Tiegel Memorial Scholarship
Deadline: 5/31/18
Amount: $2500
Must be high school senior, graduate or current post-secondary under graduate who plan to attend accredited college or university
Must be seeking degree in Broadcast journalism or communication
How to apply:

CollegeTracks Graduation Celebration 
What a wonderful time we had at this year's Graduation Celebration for all of our CollegeTracks High School and College graduates. Salute to all of our 2018 Graduates!

MCPS Superintendent 
      Dr. Jack Smith

 New Scholar Anaiah Little-Diop  attending  Occidental College 
in the fall.

Featured Speaker 
Ms.  Liana Monticenos

Mr. Josh Rales, of the
Norman R. & Ruth Rales Foundation

Scholar Soulihe Nida 
Upcoming UMD Graduate

Mr. Ike Leggett,
Montgomery County Executive

Keep going Scholars, you are near the finish line! Summer is around the corner and soon you will be able to relax. Your Success Coach is looking forward to meeting with you and hearing about your highs and lows of spring semester! 

Registration is now open for summer and fall 2018. Be sure to register soon to reserve your spot for the classes that you want. 

Whether you are making fun summer travel plans or plans to take summer classes (or both), here are some important dates to be aware of: 

May 7-13: Final week of classes; final exams

May 18: MC Commencement/end of spring semester

May 21: Official beginning of summer sessions

May 29: Summer I session classes begin

June 18: Midsummer session classes begin

July 9: Summer ll session classes begin 

July 31: MC Foundation Scholarship due


CollegeTracks College Success Program Team: