WMHS ACCESS NEWSLETTER                            February 2020
Watkins Mill High School CollegeTracks Team

Ms. Rula Zaru
Program Director 

Ms. Bridgette Roa
Program Coordinator 


Ms. Rahel Mehreteab
Program Assistant 

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Prep begins the week of March 2nd. If interested, call or text Ms. Bridgette at 301-664-4024. More info to follow via email and social media.

CollegeTracks holds workshops on all parts of the college process, including financial aid, best fit colleges, resumes, and more. Plan to attend these important spring workshops so that you get a headstart on the process. 

Sign up beg ins the week of February 17th. Visit us in Room A006 if you have any questions!



 Let Ms. Rula, Ms. Bridgette, or Ms. Rahel know if you're applying for any of these scholarships! 
NAME: Davidson Fellows Scholarship
DUE DATE: 2/12/2020
AMOUNT: $10,000-$50,000
ELIGIBILITY:  Grades 9-12; Be a U.S. citizen residing in the United States, or a Permanent Resident of the United States residing in the United States, or be stationed overseas due to active U. S. military duty. Submit significant work in the STEM field or humanities.
M ORE INFO:   Click here

NAME:  30th Annual Poster Contest for High School Students
DUE DATE:  2/18/2020
AMOUNT:  $100-$1,000
ELIGIBILITY Must be a high school student. Students must work individually to create posters of original content. Posters are judged by a panel based on overall impact, expression of the year's theme, artistic merit and originality.
MORE INFO:  Click here

NAME:  Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge
DUE DATE: 2/26/2020
AMOUNT:  $15,000
ELIGIBILITY:  Grades 9-12; US Citizen or Permanent Resident; Students must create a 30-to 60-second video aimed at teenage drivers about how important it is to drive safely. 
MORE INFO: Click here

NAME:  Annual Create a Greeting Card $10,000 Scholarship Contest
DUE DATE:  3/2/2020
AMOUNT:  $10,000
ELIGIBILITY:  Grades 9-12; Submit original photo, artwork, or computer graphic for front of greeting card; US citizen or permanent resident, International students with visa to attend school also eligible. 
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Nathan G.

1. Why did you join CollegeTracks?
I joined CollegeTracks because I wanted to get help with the college process. I wanted to get help with my essay, applications, financial aid. I wanted to do things right to show I deserve to be in college. 

2. What do you like about CollegeTracks so far?
I like all the help I can get during lunch and after school. I like getting help with my applications and my personal essay. I like all the support I get through the college process. I like how the CollegeTracks staff will help me make my short answer questions better.

3. Why should other students join CollegeTracks?
Other students should join CollegeTracks to make the process easier. CollegeTracks help students find schools to apply to, fill out applications, apply for financial aid, find scholarships, and more. CollegeTracks will help students make their short answer questions better. This is important because the short answer questions teach the college about the applicant. CollegeTracks can help students find and apply for scholarships. No matter how much money your family makes, financial aid and scholarships are useful. Free money from a school, the state, or a scholarship can allow a student to go to a top college or university they couldn't go to otherwise. CollegeTracks will help students answer difficult questions on applications. CollegeTracks is a very helpful program that helps students with the college process.


Location: Salisbury, Maryland
Application Deadlines: 
December 1, 2020 (early action) |  January 15, 2021* (regular decision)

*Applications received after the January 15th deadline will be considered on a space-available basis


1. Salisbury is a medium-sized public university with a total enrollment of 7,650 undergraduate students, so class sizes are smaller, compared to larger Maryland public universities (Towson, UMD, UMBC).

2. Salisbury is a test-optional school for students with a 3.5+ GPA, meaning they do not require SAT or ACT scores for their application if you have a 3.5 or higher.

3. Salisbury is only 40 minutes away from Ocean City. Students commonly go to the beach for a day trip.

4. The most popular majors at Salisbury are: Biology, Business Administration, Kinesiology, Psychology, and Nursing.

Learn more about Salisbury University  here!

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