WHS ACCESS NEWSLETTER                      February 2020
Wheaton High School CollegeTracks Team
Ms. Cait Belney 
Program Director

Ms. Ertrell Harris
Program Coordinator

Ms. Monet Blakey 
Program Assistant 


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What's Inside?

JUNIORS - Class of 2021

Welcome Class of 2021!
CollegeTracks is so excited for you to be joining us!  It's now time for you to start your college application journey.  Here is a short to-do list to get you started:

1. Stop by CollegeTracks and schedule your  New 
    Student Meeting

2. Attend Go2College Night  with your family


3. Check out our website & follow us on social media 

    for all the latest updates


4. Sign-up for and attend Spring Workshops



C ollegeTracks holds workshops on all parts of the college process, including financial aid, best fit colleges, resumes, and more. 
Plan to attend these important spring workshops, so you can get a head start on the process.

Test Prep

Why should I prep for the ACT or SAT?
Preparing for the ACT or SAT can help improve your test-taking strategies. A strong ACT or SAT score can lead to more college options and scholarships!

Where can I get Prep for the ACT or SAT?
CollegeTracks Juniors can receive  FREE ACT Test Prep  for the 
June 13th ACT! Prep is offered after school, in small groups, 
led by knowledgeable tutors. Space is limited, so talk to Ms. Ertrell, if you're interested!

Many students have found success using  Khan Academy for SAT Prep . It is a free online prep tailored to you! Learn more here !

Montgomery College has Prep classes for both SAT and ACT! Learn more about Prep at MC here!

The Wheaton Public Library has prep resources for SAT and ACT as well! Here's a link to their College Prep Page

How is the ACT different from the SAT? 
The ACT has less math than the SAT, it uses a lower reading level, the math section is only 25% of the test (versus 50%), and colleges don't care which test you take!

When does ACT Prep with CollegeTracks start?
Prep begins the week of March 2nd.

Remember, space is limited, so if you're interested in ACT Prep, see Ms. Ertrell!  If you are unsure if you should take, the ACT or SAT, stop by CollegeTracks! 

Meet the CollegeTracks Staff

Ms. Cait
Program Director

1. What was your major in college and grad school?
I received a B.F.A. in Painting from Arcadia University and M.Ed from the University of Vermont.

2. What are your hobbies/interests? 
I love to read.

3. What is your favorite book?
I love  The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

4. What is your favorite thing about working at CollegeTracks?  
I like to help students apply for financial aid, because it can make dreams a financial possibility.

Ms. Ertrell
Program Coordinator

1. What was your major in college and grad school?
I have a B.S. in Health Science from Howard University, and I am receiving my M.A. in Sociology from George Washington University.

2. What are your hobbies/interests? 
I enjoy being with family and friends, playing board/card games, and coloring.

3. What is your favorite book?
I don't have a favorite book, but I enjoy reading books, research papers, and articles regarding social issues and theories.

4. What is your favorite thing about working at CollegeTracks?   
I love that I get to form connections with students, while helping them plan their path to a successful future.

Ms. Monet
Program Assistant

1. What was your major in college and grad school?
I have a B.A. in African American Studies from Bates College.

2. What are your hobbies/interests? 
I enjoy working out and ballet.

3. What is your favorite book?
My favorites are Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein and Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper.

4. What is your favorite thing about working at CollegeTracks?   
Seeing students progress over the course of a year and editing essays.



 Let us know if you're applying for any of these scholarships! 
NAME:  Davidson Fellows Scholarship
DUE DATE:  2/12/2020
AMOUNT:  $10,000-$50,000
ELIGIBILITY:  Grades 9-12; Be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident residing in the United States.  Submit significant work in the STEM field or humanities. 
M ORE INFO:   Click here

NAME:  30th Annual Poster Contest for High School Students
DUE DATE:  2/18/2020
AMOUNT:  $100-$1,000
ELIGIBILITY Must be a high school student. Students must work individually to create posters of original content. Posters are judged by a panel based on overall impact, expression of the year's theme, artistic merit and originality.
MORE INFO:  Click here

NAME:  Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge
DUE DATE:  2/26/2020
AMOUNT:  $15,000
ELIGIBILITY: Grades 9-12; US Citizen or Permanent Resident; Student must create a 30-60 second video aimed at teenage drivers about how important it is to drive safely. 
MORE INFO: Click here

NAME:  Annual Create a Greeting Card $10,000 Scholarship Contest
DUE DATE:  3/2/2020
AMOUNT: $10,000
ELIGIBILITY: Grades 9-12; US Citizen or Permanent Resident; Submit original photo, artwork, or computer graphic for front of greeting card. 
MORE INFO:  Click here


Seniors, did you miss an Early Action deadline  for a college? No problem!
You can still apply by the Maryland Regular Deadlines below!


VITA sites throughout Montgomery County will offer FREE tax preparation services  to lower-income households.  
Appointments available for 2019  taxes .

  Salisbury University

Location: Salisbury, MD
Application Deadlines:
December 1, 2020 (Early Action) | January 15, 2021 (Regular Decision)*

*Applications received after the January 15th deadline will 
be  considered on a space-available basis.


1. Salisbury is a medium-sized public university with a total enrollment of 7,650 undergraduate students, so class sizes are smaller, compared to larger Maryland public universities (Towson, UMD, UMBC).

2. Salisbury is a test-optional school for students with a 3.5+ Weighted GPA: meaning, they do not require SAT or ACT scores for their application, if you have a Weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher.

3. Salisbury is only 40 minutes away from Ocean City. Students commonly go to the beach for a day trip.

4. The most popular majors at Salisbury are: Biology, Business Administration, Kinesiology, Psychology, and Nursing.

Learn more about Salisbury University  here!

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