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February 2017

First Signs of Spring
Bulbs are blooming in the greenhouse, filling the air with sweet fragrance. Here a cheerful daffodil flower nods above a patch of shamrocks, reminding us that spring is right around the corner!

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Long-Lasting Blooms
Your Valentine Will Adore
Live plants are a refreshing alternative to cut-flowers,
especially for the Valentine who loves to be in the garden.
If you'd like to treat your sweetheart, friend or loved one
to a living display of your affection, visit us at the nursery by Tuesday to select something we've already created, or contact us at 205-822-3133 or [email protected] to place an order to pick up at your convenience.
Whether your Valentine prefers pretty pinks, romantic reds or another color entirely, we can create a container garden that will delight them.

Pictured above:

cyclamen, primrose, hyacinth or tulip, fern, ivy and cute heart in a terra cotta bowl   $39 

polished stone heart

grey or white   $6.99 

shimmery art deco micro-pot with small succulent   $12.99
New Item: Pussy Willow Stems
Freshly-cut branches covered in furry white 'catkins' (male flowers) are an exquisite first sign of spring- technically still a few weeks away, but who says you shouldn't begin the season early indoors?
Dry and preserve these stems by simply not putting them in water.
Place them in water and they will soon produce roots, and hopefully a new addition to your garden! This North American native grows best in full sun. Moist or wet soil is a must- they are not drought tolerant! Matures into an upright, multi-trunked shrub 6 feet tall or more with age.
Interesting Finds for February
Deciduous Magnolias
Two varieties in-stock now. The first, pictured here, is Magnolia stellata or star magnolia. These are excellent small trees (10-20' tall and 8-15' wide) that usually produce large white blooms in March. Due to the recent spring-like weather this one is blooming early- can you blame it for being a bit confused this year?
Also in stock are 'Jane' magnolias, which grow 10-15' tall and 8-12' wide. They produce pinkish-purple flowers with white interiors that are quite striking and emerge during March and April.
Northern Maidenhair Fern 
This perennial is native to eastern North America and is a must-have for any who love the fine, delicate foliage that earned this fern its charming name: maidenhair. Plant in moist but well-drained, slightly acidic soil in mostly shade. Northern maidenhair will spread slowly by rhizomes to form a clump about 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide. Dark black stems and apple green foliage are eye-catching in the shade garden.
It's peak camellia season and we have 12 tried-and-true varieties in stock. Pictured here is the aptly named 'Pink Perfection' with dreamy pink flowers just in time for Valentine's Day.
Camellias are relatively slow-growing so don't use them when you need a quick hedge or screen. Give one a few years to dig its 'feet' in and put on some size though and you'll have a garden treasure for decades to come. Their slow growth rate also makes them ideal to grow in large containers. Camellias thrive in partial sun, preferably with some afternoon shade, and well-drained, slightly acidic soil.
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