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Seven Stunning Combos
for Containers or Flowerbeds
It's important to enjoy the process of choosing plants for your warm-season garden and we still have an excellent selection for you to peruse. If you get overwhelmed by the variety available during spring and don't know where to start, take a look at these combos for inspiration. They include some of our favorite annuals, all in-stock now, that are proven performers through tough Alabama summers. And of course, we're always happy to help you select the right plants and combinations for you and your garden!
Farmhouse Mix
full or partial sun
'Fireworks' Fountain Grass
'Sallyfun Deep Ocean' Salvia
'Star White' Zinnia
'New Gold' Lantana
'Cora Pink' Vinca
Moon & Sea Mix
full or partial sun
'Black & Bloom' Salvia
'Angelmist White' Spreading Angelonia
'Baby Blue' Eucalyptus
'Blue My Mind' Evolvulus
'Cabaret White' Calibrachoa
'Silver Dust' Dusty Miller
Lemon Lime Mix
full or partial sun
'Wasabi' Coleus
'Gold Edge' Duranta
'Twister' Juncus 
'Sidekick Lime' Sweet Potato Vine
'Samantha' Lantana
'Antigua Yellow' African Marigold 
Rustica Mix
full or partial sun
'Strawberry Fields' Gomphrena
'Inferno Orange' Coleus
'Profusion Double Deep Salmon' Zinnia
'Sweet Georgia Bronze' Sweet Potato Vine
'Orange Marmalade' Crossandra
Regal Mix
full or partial sun
'City Lights Lavender Pink' Dahlia
Persian Shield
'Archangel Dark Purple' Angelonia
'Cora Cascade Magenta' Vinca
'Lemon Yellow' Talinum
'Allyson' Mexican Heather
Dry Shade Mix
drought tolerant
partial sun to mostly shade
'Candyland' Caladium
'Big Green Leaf Pink' Begonia
'Euphoric White' Euphorbia
Damp Shade Mix
moisture loving
partial sun to mostly shade
'Green Halo' Kong Coleus
'Vigorous Red' Sunpatien
Boston Fern
'Summer Wave Blue' Torenia
'Pink Splash' Hypoestes

Bang for Your Buck
'Easy Wave' Petunias
While 'Wave' petunias will spill beautifully out of containers, window boxes and hanging baskets, perhaps the most spectacular way to use them is in flowerbeds where they form a carpet of large, trumpet-shaped blooms. Each one spreads 24 to 36 inches wide, so you can cover a large area with just a few plants.
This reliable show-stopper thrives in partial to full sun (4 or more hours of direct sun each day) and loose, well-drained soil. The secret to success with petunias is consistent moisture and plenty of fertilizer. Use a slow-release fertilizer when planting and supplement with a liquid fertilizer every 2 to 4 weeks. Water regularly but avoid soggy soil (no 'wet feet'). Trim back if needed to rejuvenate leggy plants, but no deadheading is required to keep these beauties blooming until the first hard freeze!

Fun Find

Melothria scabra, commonly known as Mexican sour gherkin or (more adorably) mouse melon has arrived for the first time at the nursery! This warm-season fruit is native to Mexico and Central America where it is served as a delicacy and called sandiita, which means "little watermelon." An ancient edible, cucamelons were grown as a domesticated crop by the Aztecs in pre-Colombian times.

The grape-sized fruits are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and fiber and taste like a tangy cucumber (often described as cucumber and lime flavor). The skin is edible so they can be eaten peel and all, which makes cucamelons a convenient snack even right off the vine. Garnishing salads, entrees or cocktails with mouse melons is a guaranteed conversation-starter and they can also be used in salsas or pickled.

Cucamelons grow best in full sun (they need at least 4 hours of direct sun each day, or more) with well-drained soil and regular water. They are hardier and more compact than other cucumbers, growing 3 to 5 feet with a vining habit that requires support, and are relatively pest resistant. Cucamelons can be grown in the ground or in large containers. The oh-so-cute fruit is produced shortly after the small yellow flowers fade and can be harvested when grape-sized and firm.

There's simply no reason not to grow this easy and unusual edible in your garden this summer!

May Lawn Care 
Apply fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron to Zoysia & Bermuda lawns in mid-May.
Apply fertilome Centipede Lawn Fertilizer to Centipede lawns in mid-May.
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