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September 2018
"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons."
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Fresh Color
For Early Fall 
September's arrival promises that fall is just around the corner, and many new plants are already in-store. Spruce up outdoor spaces with pops of color that will last until pansy-planting time. Discover some of our favorites for the September garden below. Once these beauties begin to show up we know that crisp autumn days are not far away! As soon as temperatures drop into the low 80s consistently we will begin receiving cool-weather favorites like snapdragons, pansies & violas and ornamental cabbage & kale, so look for these by late September or early October.
Vivid foliage accent that lasts until the first frost. Looks great paired with fall blooms. Grows in shade, partial or full sun and appreciates consistent water.
Tall-growing. Plant in groups of 3 or more in flowerbeds, or use in containers as a height accent. Thrives in partial to full sun. Attracts butterflies. Blooms until frost.
Ornamental Peppers
A perfect addition to fall arrangements, with some varieties sporting peppers in 2 or 3 different colors at once! Bright light to full sun. Lasts until frost or longer indoors.
Will tolerate a light frost and so can be enjoyed late into fall.  Trailing varieties are great additions to cool-season container gardens. Regular water & well-drained soil.
Purple Fountain Grass
Excellent accent for the fall garden. Deep purple blades and soft plumes add to its interest. Best color in partial or full sun. Lasts until frost.
Warm, bright blooms that attract hordes of butterflies, in perfect shades for fall. Full or partial sun and consistent water. Will bloom until frost.

Autumn Sage
(Salvia greggii) Perennial for partial to full sun. Profuse blooms each spring and fall in white, red or purple.
'Black & Bloom' Salvia
Deep-blue flowers look spectacular paired with the fiery colors of autumn. Full or partial sun. Blooms until frost.
'Mystic Spires' Salvia
A very reliable annual for full or partial sun, sporting rich blue blooms until frost. Attracts butterflies.
Spring and fall blooming perennial with pink or purple flowers (cut back after spring bloom). Grows best in full or partial sun.
The go-to fall flower. A full, round habit and profuse blooms in autumn hues make them ideal to use in containers for the fall season.
Marigolds may seem a bit common to us, simply because we are so familiar with them, but really there's no such thing as a "common" plant, as each one is spectacular in its own right. Just take a look at these blooms! Waves of curled petals, layered over each other so delicately, make it plan why these flowers have been cherished for centuries in gardens around the world. The name "marigold" comes from "Mary's gold" since the blooms are used to decorate altars in honor of the Virgin Mary.
The two most commonly found marigolds are French ( Tagetes patula, pictured here) & African ( Tagetes erecta), but both originated in Central and South America and were brought to Europe by Spanish explorers. The Aztecs considered marigolds magical and used them to cure hiccups and the effects of being struck by lightning. The flowers are sometimes used as a cheap substitute for saffron to color foods, and the roots of the plant exude thiophenes, which kill nematodes!
Plant marigolds in containers or flowerbeds that receive full or partial sun. They will bloom profusely, if dead-headed, well into the fall and will tolerate a light frost (28 degrees for several hours). Marigold flowers are edible and would make a stunning garnish for fall soups and salads!
Fall is a great time to plant herbs since cooler temps reduce stress and allow them to thrive with minimal care. Some herbs, such as oregano, parsley, thyme and rosemary, will even survive the winter and continue to grow next spring. We've received several shipments of these savory garden favorites (like the basil and thyme pictured here). Cool-season veggies will also be in-store within the next two weeks- these are great companion plants for your autumn herb garden!

September Lawn Care

to Zoysia, Bermuda & St. Augustine lawns.
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