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Fall Planting Season 2020
It's Time To Plant
Cool-Season Gardens!
The nursery is fully stocked with pansies, violas and much more for the fall, winter and early spring garden. Plant container gardens and flower beds soon and enjoy color and cheer in your garden this winter!

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What's In-Store
for Fall Planting
Great selection in stock now! Pansies do best in full or partial sun. Deadhead, or remove faded blooms, for increased flowering. Fertilize when planting with fertilome Start-N-Grow or Osmoscote.
Violas are a bit more cold and heat tolerant than pansies and although their blooms are small they are profuse! Violas thrive in sun as well as shadier spots (1 to 3 hours of sun a day).
Cabbage & Kale
Ornamental cabbage & kale add tremendous interest to the cool-season garden and look great planted with pansies & violas. Best in full to partial sun.
Trailing Pansies
We love the extra dimension that trailing pansies add to cool-season container gardens as their bright blooms drape over the edges of pots, hanging baskets and window boxes. These perform best in full to partial sun. We have a variety of colors in stock in both 4 inch pots and hanging baskets.
One of the only deer-resistant cool-season flowers! Thrive in full or part sun. Available now in upright and trailing varieties.
Along with snaps, dianthus are deer-resistant! Best in full or part sun. Deadhead to encourage reblooming.
Edibles & Herbs
It's not too late to plant cool-season veggies and herbs! Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, lettuce and radishes are in stock, along with evergreen herbs like oregano, parsley, thyme and rosemary.
Swiss Chard
With stems and foliage that are both beautiful and edible, what's not to love about Swiss Chard?
Another leafy green that's prized for its ornamental as well as culinary appeal.
Evergreen Foliage Accents
for the Cool-Season Garden
Add texture and visual interest with foliage that persists through cold weather. All of these are lovely companion plants to pansies, violas and other cool-season flowers. Coral bells, autumn fern, sedge and sweet flag are shade perennials that tolerate full sun in winter; use in cool-season plantings then transplant to the shade garden next spring.
Coral Bells
Dusty Miller
Autumn Fern
Sweet Flag
Lemon Cypress
A cheerful conifer with lemon-scented foliage, lemon cypress is a favorite for container gardens, underplanted with colorful pansies and violas. These thrive in full or partial sun in winter, but need to be moved to afternoon shade in summer. Keep soil consistently moist (not soggy) for fastest and healthiest growth.
October Lawn Care
Apply Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper to Bermuda and Zoysia lawns. This product contains pre-emergent which prevents weed seeds from germinating. Follow the link above for more information.

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