Collier's Garden Scoop
20th Anniversary
Dreams are the seedlings of realities.
Celebrating 20 Years!
           1997 - 2017       

On March 21, 1997  
Collier's Nursery opened for business. From those 'seedling' days the nursery has thrived, grown and transformed.
We would not be here, two decades later, if not for our customers.
Thank you so much for your support! 
Join us this
Saturday, March 25th

Enjoy free kettle corn and fun giveaways,
including tree seedlings,
as we celebrate our 20th year

How it Began 
Owner Jimmy Collier developed a love of gardening from his father, and went on to earn a degree in horticulture from the University of Georgia, Athens.  A few years later he found nearly two acres with original home, bordered by Dolly Creek on Old Rocky Ridge Road, and began the journey of building a nursery.  After renovating the house for use as an office and preparing the site, a state-of-the-art greenhouse was added, providing cool breezes and open views. In the last 20 years the nursery has remained true to Jimmy's original vision of helping Birmingham homeowners succeed in and enjoy their gardens by offering them a superb selection and variety of quality plants, a knowledgeable, helpful staff and plenty of inspiration.

Opening Day March 21, 1997

We've come a long way!

Then and Now 
Take a look at how much the nursery has changed over time! We've had the opportunity to make both aesthetic and functional improvements. Space has been maximized in order to stock the best selection and largest quantities possible, and layout and flow have been improved so that customers can shop easily, comfortably and enjoyably. Care has been taken to preserve some natural areas, especially along the creek bank that flows behind the nursery, creating a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. 

Through the Seasons 
It's hard to believe how many seasons have come and gone since the nursery's first spring! We've seen snowstorms and April freezes, summer floods, historic droughts, the ginkgo tree grow large enough to put on many spectacular autumn displays, and all manner of wildlife pass through. Thank you to all who have shopped with us through the seasons- because of you we are still here and looking forward to the future!    

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Collier's Nursery 
2904 Old Rocky Ridge Road
Birmingham, AL 35243