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October 2018
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Pansy-Planting Weather
Has Finally Arrived!

Now that temperatures have dropped into the 70s it's time to begin planting this favorite winter bloom.
To get started here, are five tips for success with pansies and violas :

1. Plant as soon as possible. Planting while it's still relatively warm allows several weeks for growth before daytime temps drop below 50 degrees, and growth rate slows dramatically. Also, plant before Thanksgiving and you'll be able to choose from the best selection.
2. Fertilize when planting . We recommend fertilome Start-n-Grow, a slow-release fertilizer that only needs to be applied every 3 or 4 months and is effective even when soil temps drop below 70 degrees.   
3. Provide loose, well-drained soil. "Wet feet" are more common in wet winters since cold air slows evaporation, so make sure containers have drainage holes. Add soil conditioner to flowerbeds to break up clay before planting.
4. Got shade? Give violas a try. Both pansies and violas thrive in partial to full sun (3 or more hours each day). However, if you have a shadier area that receives only 1 to 3 hours of sun each day then opt for violas. 
5. Pinch off spent blooms. While pansies and violas will bloom whether 'deadheaded' or not, removing faded flowers has a positive effect. Flowers that aren't removed will begin to form seeds, and this saps energy that the plant could use to produce more flower buds.
A Fresh Look at Violas
5 Reasons to Love These
Petite Winter Blooms
1.  They are the "original" pansy, first hybridized for gardens in the mid 1800's by crossing different species of wild violas.
2.  Like pansies, violas come in an amazing array of colors.
3.  Violas are proven to b loom and perform better than pansies in shadier spots.
4.  Violas bloom profusely. What the blooms lack in size they make up for in quantity!
5.  Violas are more cold and heat tolerant than pansies, which means better performance through winter and into late spring.

Here's what Allan Armitage, of the University of Georgia Athens, has to say about violas:
Every year we've trialed pansies and violas.  Our garden data shouts that violas are better performers, fill in faster, look better earlier and are more colorful than pansies. Every year!
Cool Wave &  
Freefall Pansies

Trailing pansies are the best option for cascading flowers in containers and hanging baskets during fall and winter. The 'Freefall' pansies pictured here are beginning to spill over the edge of their containers and will eventually trail over 8 to 12 inches. Like other pansies, trailing types do best with 3 or more hours of sun each day. Pinch or trim back as needed. Can be paired with trailing foliage such as ivy or creeping jenny.
Vibrant Foliage for Winter

Ornamental cabbage & kale provide excellent color for the winter garden. They can be used to accent pansies & violas, alone or in groupings or mass. Cabbage & kale leaves are mostly green while temperatures are warm, but chilly weather triggers the emergence of vivid pink, purple and red tones. Plant these in full or partial sun (3 or more hours per day). Cabbages tend to form low, round 'heads' while kale has a more loose, open habit (some varieties are tall-growing and make great height accents). 

Plant Now for Spring Blooms
Plant dianthus & snapdragons this month (in full or partial sun)
for blooms both this fall and next spring. 
Dianthus are the old-fashioned 'pinks' named for the flower petals that look like they've been trimmed with pinking shears. These are known by several our customers to be deer resistant. Blooms fall & spring.
Snapdragons grow larger and bloom more profusely in spring when planted in autumn. 'Liberty' snaps will grow 18-24 inches tall. The trailing variety 'Candy Showers' is available in several colors.

Fall Color for Autumn Arrangements In-Store Now
Ornamental Peppers

October Lawn Care

Apply Hi-Yield Pre-Emergent to Bermuda & Zoysia lawns in late October.

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