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June 2017
Everything good, everything magical happens
between the months of June and August.
Oakleaf Hydrangea
Summer is settling in and, thanks to spring rains, drought conditions have lifted across the state- great news for Alabama gardens! 
If you haven't finished (or started!) planting there's no need to worry- we still have a great selection of annuals, perennials, groundcovers, herbs and succulents, with fresh shipments arriving weekly in spite of the rising temperatures.

Happy Summer, friends! 
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Top 12 
Tried-and-True Annuals 
for the Summer Garden 
Sturdy, low-maintenance options for fuss-free plantings  
that will shine through the hottest summer days.  
A versatile option that thrives in shade or sun, begonias are also drought tolerant. Large-leaf varieties are particularly showy in containers.

Blue Daze  

Blue blooms are hard to find, and blue daze does not disappoint with gorgeous, sky-blue flowers that spread or spill. Best suited for part to full sun.  

leaves come in striking combinations of white, green, pink and red. Pair with begonias in dry, shady areas.  
A go-to 'filler' for filtered shade, partial or full sun. Sports profuse white blooms reliably all summer. Mounding, spilling habit. 


With consistent moisture, fanflower will bloom all season with little extra care. Purple, white and pink blooms available. Trailing habit.   

Fountain Grass
Outstanding 'thriller' for containers & beds. Deep purple blades reach 2' tall in part to full sun. Showy plumes emerge late summer.
Less common, but one of the best choices for sun, heat and drought tolerance. Dwarf and tall varieties available. Butterfly magnet!


A garden favorite for decades. Excellent for hot, sunny spots and drought tolerant. Bright blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds!   

Dazzling clusters of blooms in white, pink, lavender or red. Deadhead once or twice during the season. Attracts butterflies & hummers!
Purple Heart   Top pick for those extra sunny, dry areas of the garden. Spreading, sprawling habit. Perennial when planted in the ground!


Another top pick for hot sun, and since it's a succulent also very drought tolerant. Spreading, trailing habit. Use as a groundcover or 'spiller' in containers. 

An old-fashioned favorite for part to full sun, salvias provide tall, spiky flowers great for the back of borders or as 'thrillers' in containers. Attracts hummers.

Taste of Summer 
The bounty of summer means it's time to get cooking! Whether you grow your own veggies, or take advantage of the abundance of produce available at local markets, you should definitely consider growing fresh herbs to flavor your recipes. They are easily grown in containers or beds with well-drained soil, so you can enjoy them regardless of how large or small your garden is. If you have a veggie garden, most herbs are perfect companion plants for them. Find out more about that here. Herbs need at least 3 or 4 hours of direct sun each day (or more). If you're using containers, herbs can be mixed together for ornamental interest as well. In the container pictured here, we've used sage, basil, parsley, dill, thyme and oregano. Mint and rosemary grow best in the ground or in larger containers by themselves since they are aggressive and develop large root systems. Provided sun, well-drained soil and consistent moisture, herbs grow easily and can be harvested as needed to season your summer dishes.  
June Lawn Care

to St. Augustine lawns mid-June  
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