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March 2020 


Update from Collier's Nursery  
Regarding the Covid-19 Outbreak 
We are open! You can visit us  
Monday through Saturday from 9 to 5:30  
and Sunday from 1 to 5.
The health of our customers is our top priority. We are disinfecting surfaces throughout each day, washing our hands regularly and being mindful of social distancing.
Fortunately we have plenty of fresh air and open space! This is a great time to garden. Interacting with plants does wonders for body & mind and their presence adds so much cheer to home & garden.  
Would you prefer to shop with us via social distancing? We want to make creating a beautiful outdoor space easy, convenient and safe.
  • Send us your inpsiration/vision
  • Preferred color scheme
  • Dimensions of area or container(s)
  • Approximate light conditions
  • Photos of the area or container(s)
  • We'll help with design & selecting the best plant(s) for your project
  • Payments can be taken over the phone
  • Delivery available within 1 to 3 days
  • We are offering curbside pick up & $15 front door drop off
  • Call or text us at 205-822-3133
  • Email us at
  • Message us on facebook or Instagram

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New @ The Nursery: DeWit Hand Tools
In 1898 Willem de Wit started his blacksmith company in northern Holland. Today, the 5th generation of the family is running the company & many of their tools are still hand forged! Featuring European Ash hardwood handles & boron steel heads, these are unique & high quality tools for every garden task.
Forged Trowel
Tempered steel will hold a very sharp edge. Neither tip nor neck will bend.
Forged Hand Fork
Great for breaking up soil in smaller areas. Aerates heavy clay soil. 
 Tulip Trowel
Works like a trowel, but breaks up soil like a fork - great for clay! 
Dandelion weeder with rocker arm. Rocker gives leverage to easily pop up weeds.
 Cape Cod Weeder
Slice weeds off at the base. Drag under mulch to get rid of weeds without disturbing mulch. 
 Farmer's Knife
Heavy duty serrated edge is ideal  for dividing root balls, among other uses. 

Our average last frost is March 23rd.
The latest recorded frost in our area was April 23rd.
With no cold in the forecast it *looks like* spring has sprung!
*Be prepared to protect annuals if we happen to have a late freeze. Angelonia, caladiums, impatiens, lantana, sweet potato vine, basil & tomatoes are especially sensitive & must be protected from cold temps. 

12 Garden Tasks & Projects for March

Many of you are staying home more in these uncertain times. Gardening is a great way to add variety to your day, improve your physical health, lift your spirit and put your mind at ease.
Here are a few things you can do in your garden right now:    

Prepare flower beds and containers for planting by clearing weeds and plant debris. Loosen and ammend soil if needed.
Prune evergreen shrubs with insignificant blooms (ex: boxwood, holly), winter-flowering shrubs that have already bloomed (ex: camellia, forsythia) & plants that bloom after Memorial Day (ex: roses, butterfly bush). View our pruning guide here.
Divide perennials that bloom in summer & fall (ex: daylily, hosta, ornamental grass). Most perennials should be divided every 3 - 4 years. It's also a good time to transplant most shrubs & perennials. Avoid transplanting when a plant is in bloom.

Apply slow-release fertilizer to trees, shrubs, vines, groundcovers and perennials as new growth begins to emerge.

Add a layer of mulch to shrub borders and flower beds. This has instant visual impact in the landscape!

Apply Hi-Yield Weed & Grass Stopper to Bermuda & Zoysia lawns. This is a pre-emergent that prevents weed seeds from germinating. View our lawn care schedules here.
Tackle landscaping projects and plant trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers now so they will have time to establish strong root systems before summer. View our planting guide here.
During spring (mid-March to mid-June) we have our very best variety & selection of perennials, and we are expecting our first shipments this Thursday & Friday! 

We have a great selection of herbs right now. Tomatoes and peppers have arrived, with more warm-season veggies coming soon. It's a good time to plant lettuce, blueberries and strawberries - all three are in stock now!
What to plant now for blooms: alyssum, bacopa, cyclamen, African daisy, dianthus, diascia, euphorbia, geraniums, lobelia, petunias, English primrose, marigolds, million bells, snapdragons, verbena & violas. All will tolerate a light freeze (30 degrees).
We have succulents for container gardens and rock gardens, and options for indoors in bright light or outdoors in full sun. Perennial succulents can be planted in the ground now. Annual succulents need protection from temps below 40 degrees.
A hanging or potted fern on your porch or patio adds a pop of green that signals the start of spring. Add a few houseplants to your home to bring the garden indoors and help purify the air.

Browse a few of our favorite gardening sites here

New @ The Nursery: Espoma Organic
The Espoma Company has produced all-natural  
& organic fertilizers since 1929! 
Contains beneficial fungi that help roots absorb water & nutrients more efficiently, resulting in better root formation & healthier plants. Use at time of planting.
100% natural and organic all-purpose fertilizer with no fillers or sludges. Slow-release with Bio-tone microbes.  Mix into soil or apply to soil at drip line. Water after applying. 
100% natural and organic slow-release fertilizer for herbs & veggies. Contains Bio-tone microbes. Mix into soil or apply to soil at drip line. Water after applying.
All natural and organic water-soluble fertilizer that feeds instantly. Includes beneficial microbes. Use every 2 to 4 weeks.
Approved for organic gardening. Kills insects on contact. Active ingredients: pyrethrins and canola oil. For use on indoor and outdoor plants.
All natural & organic. Active ingredient: ammoniated soap of fatty acids. Kills weeds, grass, moss & algae. Can be  used anytime of year.

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