Collier's Garden Scoop
June 2022
We have a great selection of perennials right now and many of them are blooming! Stop by and discover durable options for sun and shade and some cool finds for the plant collectors among you. Keep reading for a peek at five of our favorites, plus a few tips to keep them healthy for years to come.
Tips for a Thriving Perennial Garden:

Space perennial plants based on their mature size. Give them plenty of room to grow and spread so that they don't get overcrowded, as this leads to stress, competition for water and nutrients, and poor air circulation (which can encourage disease).

Water consistently and don't allow plants to wilt in between watering. Water often during the first growing season after planting. Established perennials are more drought tolerant and can be watered less frequently.

Perennials tend to bloom in cycles of 4 to 6 weeks, with a 2-3 week break in between. Deadhead and fertilize as needed after each bloom period and most will re-bloom.

Some (but not all) perennials need to be dug up and divided every 3 years or so to encourage renewed growth and vigor.

Remove dead plants and plant debris from the garden each fall as some diseases and insects can overwinter in debris and then reemerge during the next growing season to cause issues.
June Lawn Care
Apply fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron to Saint Augustine lawns.
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