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November 2019
November arrives on the heels of much-needed rain, bringing with it blue skies and crisp air. The nursery is fully stocked for fall planting if the soft ground and sunshine have you in the mood to dig in your garden this weekend. Autumn is the ideal time to plant trees, shrubs and groundcovers. We have a great selection of pansies, violas, ornamental cabbage & kale, cool-season annuals, perennials and herbs.  
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We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day 

Winter Container Gardens & Flowerbeds
What to plant based on light conditions
Lemon Cypress  - Pansies -  Ivy   Ornamental Cabbage
What to Plant In 
Sun or Partial Sun 
In areas of the garden that receive 3 or more hours direct sun you can plant any cool-season annual, perennial, herb or edible. Perennials that need shade during summer (coral bells, sedge, ferns) can be grown in full sun during winter. Lower temps and less intense sunshine allow them to thrive in more sun than they can endure in summer. Mix evergreen foliage with pansies and violas for charismatic combinations.
 What to Plant In 
Partial or Filtered Sun  
For blooms in areas of the garden that only receive 1 to 3 hours of direct sun, use violas for more reliable blooms than pansies. Cyclamen are hardy to 25 degrees and are a good option for covered porches and entryways that are partially protected from frost and wind.
Pictured here: Cyclamen, Coral Bells, Violas, Ivy    
  What to Plant In
Dense Shade  
In areas that don't receive any direct sun cyclamen is the best bet for blooms (remember to protect these from temps below 25 degrees). You can also add significant color with cold-hardy foliage like coral bells, sweet flag, sedge, ornamental cabbage & kale and mustard. 
Pictured here: Juncus, Sweet Flag, Autumn Fern, Sedge   

New & Unusual Ornamental Kale Varieties 

'Yokohama' Kale
Extremely curly leaves and a dense, compact habit make this ornamental kale an interesting addition to the cool-season garden.
'Crane' Kale
A must-have for the cutting garden, this odd looking kale rewards you with perfect rosettes atop two foot stems that add beauty and drama to winter arrangements.

Rosemary - Parsley - Thyme
Edible and Ornamental
Evergreen herbs and cool-season greens do double duty in the winter garden. Rosemary, thyme, parsley and oregano stay green year-round, providing fragrant foliage and flavor for winter dishes. Swiss chard and mustard can be grown for a leafy harvest as well as vibrant stems and foliage. All grow best in partial or full sun with well-drained soil.  
  Swiss Chard 

Special Price  
5" Pansy Pots 
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Bulbs for planting & forcing arrived this week, including amaryllis, paperwhites, daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and crocus.

New @ The Nursery
Espoma Organic Fertilizer
Begun in 1929, Espoma produces quality organic fertilizers that have been used by gardeners for generations. Find out more about their history here. Pick up a bag of Plant-tone to feed your ornamental and edible plants organically.

November Lawn Care
It's not too late to apply 
Hi-Yield Pre-emergent with Dimension to Zoysia & Bermuda lawns.

View our lawn care schedules here
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