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July 2017

Summer has arrived, so far gracing us with (relatively) mild temps and plenty of rain- rocketing us even further away from the horrendous drought conditions of last summer and fall- great news for our gardens! While the spring planting season has come to an end, there are still many interesting things to discover at the nursery during summer, with fresh shipments arriving weekly. Take a look below at a few noteworthy plants that can be found right now.   
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New for Summer 2017:
'Falling Star' pentas have just hit the greenhouse shelves! Pentas are one of our favorites for the summer garden, admired for their endurance of hot, humid weather, and profuse blooms that attract both butterflies and hummingbirds. Pentas thrive in part to full sun. The trailing habit of this new introduction makes them even more versatile- perfect for spilling out of containers and hanging baskets. Available in white, pink and rose, and in stock now!

Fun Find:
Shrimp Plant
This is one plant that we only see during the summer months. Shrimp plant (Justicea brandegeana) is grown as an evergreen shrub in coastal and tropical climates, but unfortunately will not tolerate our cold winters. Nevertheless, they can be enjoyed as a summer annual or overwintered indoors in central Alabama. Shrimp plants are perfectly suited for shade or dappled sun, and are great for adding bright, tropical blooms to containers on porches and patios. 

Limelight Hydrangeas
Panicle hydrangeas ( Hydrangea paniculata) are distinct from the well-known French ( H. macrophylla) and Oakleaf ( H. quercifolia) species. They thrive in direct sun (3 to 4 hours or more) and bloom later in the summer (July through September). The most popular varieties are ' Limelight' and ' Little Lime.' These are quickly becoming favorites for the summer garden and with good reason. Huge conical blooms start out chartreuse green, open to white and fade to shades of pink and red, and their color persists well into fall. The large clusters of flowers attract butterflies and are excellent, long-lasting cut flowers. 'Limelights' grow large (6 to 8 feet tall and wide at maturity) and are superb for shrub beds and borders. For smaller spaces, try the more compact-growing 'Little Lime' hydrangeas, which reach 3 to 5 feet tall and wide once mature. Both varieties are in stock now! 

It's Daylily Season!
Daylilies (Hemerocallis hybrids) have been adored by southern gardeners for generations. If you're new to perennial gardening, or just looking for low-maintenance options, then you simply must plant daylilies. Tough as nails once established, daylilies tolerate our cold winters as well as persisting through the hottest, driest and most humid summer days with little care on your part. They form large clumps over time that can be divided every few years (in late summer or early fall) to expand your own garden or share with friends. Blooms appear in summer, and since daylilies have been highly hybridized, there are many, many varieties and colors to choose from- perfect for the plant 'collectors' out there! We currently have 9 interesting varieties in stock (pictured here: 'Gentle Shepherd'). 

Empress Wu Hosta
This is the largest hosta variety available! Giant leaves form a mammoth mound, reaching 3 to 4 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet wide once mature. Needless to say, this is a showstopper in the shade garden! And to top it off, beautiful lavender blooms emerge in summer and attract hummingbirds like a magnet! 'Empress Wu' is in stock now, along with many other hosta varieties. 

July Lawn Care 

to Bermuda & Zoysia lawns in early July   
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