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November 2022

What's In Store

for November

The holidays are right around the corner, which makes this month the perfect time to finish planting your cool-season containers and flower beds. We still have a great selection of pansies, violas, snapdragons, ornamental cabbage & kale and much more. It's also the ideal time to tackle the landsaping projects on your list and get trees and shrubs in the ground. Keep reading to see highlights of what's in store for November.

Greenery and poinsettias are expected to arrive during the week of Thanksgiving.

Houseplants, Indoor Ferns

& Herbaceous Perennials

are now 50% off!

Pansies & Violas

It's not too late to plant pansies and violas and we still have a good selection.

Trailing Pansies

These beauties drape over the edge of hanging baskets and containers fall through spring. Available now in several colors and sizes.

Ornamental Leafy Greens

We love the dramatic colors and textures of cabbage, kale, mustard (pictured here) and chard alongside pansy blooms.


Cheerful winter blooms for indoors in bright light, or outdoors in a protected location (hardy to 25 degrees under a covered area or near the walls of a house).

Snapdragons & Dianthus

These two are your best bets if deer are an issue in your area, as they are usually left alone by these garden pests.


Plant now for fragrant flowers next spring. Like snaps and dianthus, stock will bloom this fall, take a break during winter and then bloom again next spring.

Winter Golds & Silvers

Create eye-catching combos for winter with evergreen gold and silver foliage. Pair golds with yellow, orange or red pansies for a warm glow. Pair silvers with white, blue or lavender pansies for a cool glimmer.

In this arrangement:

'Ogon' Sweet Flag

'Helen von Stein' Lamb's Ear

'Wilma Goldcrest' Lemon Cypress

'Lemon Coral' Sedum

'Silverdust' Dusty Miller

Variegated English Ivy

'Sea Salt' Artemisia

'Ascot Rainbow' Euphorbia


Bulbs for forcing and planting are in store, including amaryllis, paperwhites, daffodils, hyacinth, tulips and more. Waxed amaryllis are expected later this month.

Pansy & Tulip Pots

Enjoy pansy blooms all winter and tulip flowers next spring! These adorable pots make great gifts.

Ornamental Peppers

The perfect addition to Thanksgiving table arrangements, these cuties can be grown indoors in bright light.

Coral Bells

We love to use these in cool-season plantings to accent pansies & violas. They can also be grown as a shade perennial.

Vertical closeup of the single flower of Moonlit Marble Lenten rose  Helleborus   ballardiae  Spring Party

Lenten Rose

A must-have for the shade garden, this handsome evergreen perennial blooms in late winter and early spring.

Fresh strawberries in the bowl and fresh strawberries plant in the ceramic pot outdoor on the wooden table. Bright sunlight. Red green brown colorful vertical picture.


Plant these now for a harvest next spring and summer. This is a great edible to grow in containers in small spaces.

Vertical picture cut view of man with shovel in hands. Gardening garden on backyard outside. Green fresh grass outside. Sunny beautiful spring day

Fall is For Planting

It's the best time of the year to plant trees and shrubs, as they will spend the winter establishing strong root systems before growth begins in spring, and before the stresses of summer heat and dry conditions arrive. We have a great selection of shrubs, including 19 varieties of Encore azaleas, as well as our best stock of trees for the year. The following trees are in store now and all are a substantial size already:

'Heritage' River Birch

Southern Catalpa

'Cherokee Princess' Dogwood

'Allee' Elm

'Sango Kaku' Japanese Maple

'Autumn Blaze' Maple

'Celebration' Maple

'October Glory' Red Maple

Swamp White Oak

Nuttall Oak

Tulip Poplar

Eastern Redbud

'Flashfire' Sugar Maple

'Legacy' Sugar Maple

November Lawn Care

Apply Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper with Dimension to Bermuda and Zoysia lawns. Dimension is a pre-emergent that prevents weed seeds from germinating.

Starting December 1st 2022, a 3% convenience fee will be added to all credit and debit card purchases. This will allow us to maintain the standard we have set of excellent service and reasonable prices. Fortunately, we are located in unincorporated Jefferson County, so our sales tax is only 6% whereas most of our competitors have a 10% sales tax. Thank you for your continued support of our locally owned and operated small business.


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