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August 2019
What's In Store for August
Fun Find
Pitcher Plant

Grown locally by Maple Valley Nursery, this is a cultivar of the North American Pitcher Plant which is native to the US Gulf and East coasts, from Texas to New England.

Due to their carnivorous nature, they can be found in the wild growing and thriving in poor soil that is regularly leached of nutrients by water flow. Clever pitcher plants produce nectar that attracts insects to the edge of their tubular leaves, where a slippery surface causes them to fall in and renders them unable to climb out. As the insect bodies decompose, pitcher plants absorb all of the nutrients they need. For this reason, if grown outdoors, pitcher plants should not be fertilized, and prefer to be planted in a mixture of peat moss and sand (acidic, low nutrient soil mix), in full or partial sun. The soil must be kept moist. Pitcher plants can also be grown in ponds if the crown is kept above the water line.

Pitcher plants are hardy to around 20 degrees. They require a dormant period in winter, during which time it is common for the foliage to die back completely. They can be overwintered indoors in a sunny, unheated room or garage. Be sure to keep the soil moist, even during dormancy.

Pick for Pollinators

Sought after by one of our favorite pollinators, hummingbirds, salvia also happens to be one of the toughest annuals around. The tubular blooms in vivid colors are so attractive to hummers that they are enticed into our greenhouse every day to feed on the energizing nectar. Salvia thrives in full or partial sun, and can be grown in containers or flowerbeds. The blooms will persist until frost, which means there is still plenty of time to enjoy them in your garden. Pair with marigolds for a colorful combo that will transition effortlessly into fall.
Succulents for
Sizzlin' Summer Days

August usually brings with it some of the hottest days of the year but these no-melt succulents won't mind that a bit. They are favored by gardeners for their unusual beauty and amazing durability, and make excellent container plants. Succulents can be grown outdoors during warm weather in bright, filtered shade or direct sun. The annual succulents pictured here can be grown as houseplants year-round, or overwintered indoors, in bright light. The most important factors to success with succulents are providing well-drained soil and allowing the soil to dry completely before watering. When it's time to water, make sure the soil is thoroughly saturated. Take a peek at the great variety of succulents we have in-store now:
Propeller Plant
Crassula falcata
'Perle von Nurnberg'
'Darley Sunshine'
Haworthia mirabilis
'Mayan Queen'
Taco Leaf Plant
Peperomia axillaris
Bottle Cactus
Rhipsalis salicornoides
String of Pearls
Senecio rowleyanus
photo courtesy of Ball Seed
Rare Find
'Grand Cascade' 
Butterfly Bush

We are excited to have this spectacular variety of butterfly bush in stock for the first time! Mammoth lavender flowers emerge mid summer through fall, cascading out like a perpetual explosion of fireworks. There's no doubt that butterflies will be attracted in droves to this grand beauty. With a shrubby habit to 6 feet tall and wide, give this one ample space to spread out. They grow best in full or partial sun. If you enjoy attracting butterflies and cutting flowers for arrangements then 'Grand Cascade' butterfly bush is a must-have for your garden!

Perennially Perfect
Ornamental Grasses

It would be hard to find more reliable perennials for hot, sunny spots than the perennial grasses. Once established they require almost no care, and are unparalleled for the texture they add to the garden in summer and fall. We have our best selection of perennial grasses in the summer, and many of these baby plants are already producing plumes!

In stock now: 
Late Summer Lawn Care

Missed the July application for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns? It's not too late to apply  fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron.
It's time to apply  fertilome Centipede Lawn Fertilizer to Centipede lawns.
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