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February 2019
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Valentine's Day is this Thursday! 
Sweet Blooms 
for Your Sweetheart
This Valentine's Day skip the short-lived cut flowers and give your loved one an arrangement that will last, with flowers that can be planted in the garden later. We can create something stunning for any budget! Pick your arrangement up in-store or have it delivered on Valentine's Day for only $10 extra. Contact us soon and place your order!

Late Winter Color 
for Containers
Do your container gardens need a little freshening-up? We have healthy & beautiful primrose, pansies & violas for late winter blooms that don't mind cold weather. English primrose (pictured here in a pink & white bi-color) are just as hardy as pansies & violas and can be used worry-free outdoors. Pair with candytuft, coral bells and euphorbia for an eye-catching mix.
What to Prune Now
This is a great time of the year to prune non-blooming evergreens, or evergreens with insignificant blooms, such as boxwood, holly and pittosporum.

Flowering shrubs and trees that bloom after Memorial Day can also be pruned now. This includes butterfly bush, crepe myrtles, camellias (after they finish blooming), roses and summer-blooming spirea.

Evergreen ferns such as autumn, holly and tassle ferns benefit from a late-winter haircut every other year (can be cut to ground). Liriope, ornamental grasses and cast-iron plant can also be cut back now. 

February is a good time to shape, limb-up and thin-out deciduous trees and shrubs, removing suckers, damaged or crossing branches and thick growth that reduces air and light circulation.
February Lawncare

Apply  Hi-Yield Pre-Emergent with Dimension to Centipede & St. Augustine lawns mid-month.
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