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November 2018
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We still have plenty of mums!
Fall Planting in Full Swing
Can you believe it's already November? Over the last few days leaves have become tinged with the colors of autumn and a few have already floated to the ground. By the end of the month the holiday season will be upon us. Between now and then there will be sunny, cool days perfect for working in the garden. Take advantage of the best selection of cool-season annuals and plant your winter beds and containers before Thanksgiving. November is also an excellent time to tackle landscaping projects and plant trees, shrubs & groundcovers. Read on to discover a few of the plants that can be found at the nursery right now.
For blooms in late fall and winter, pansies and violas are essential, so add their cheerful blooms to containers and flowerbeds. Plant by Thanksgiving so they have some time to grow before colder weather sets in. Plus, you can choose from the best selection of colors over the next few weeks.
The vivid chartreuse foliage of lemon cypress is unparalleled in the winter garden, with the added delight of smelling of lemons when brushed. This fluffy conifer looks lovely with pansies or violas. Very slow growth rate makes it ideal for containers. Prefers afternoon shade in summer.
The colors of ornamental cabbage & kale leaves intensify with cooler temps, turning delightful shades of white, pink, purple and red.
Upright varieties of kale can be used as height accents in containers. Rosette-forming cabbage & kale varieties are showstoppers.
Bulbs are in stock! Plant in the ground after Thanksgiving or begin 'forcing' for the holidays soon. Paperwhites take 4 to 6 weeks to bloom, amaryllis take a little longer at 6 to 8. Tuck among pansies & violas (in containers or flowerbeds) for a lovely surprise early next spring! Our bulbs are pre-chilled; plant each bulb twice as deep as the bulb is tall. In stock: allium, crocus, daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, paperwhites and amaryllis.

Color for Shade in Winter
On covered porches, breezeways & protected patios (eastern & southern sides of the house are ideal as they are shielded from cold north & west winds), cyclamen can be used in containers as an alternative to pansies. With some protection they will thrive into the low 20s in shade, partial or full sun. Cyclamen are easy to care for, preferring slightly dry, never soggy soil, and can also be grown indoors in bright light. Pinch dead blooms and yellow leaves as needed. Look for emerging buds underneath the thick foliage that will continue to appear through the holidays and beyond.
In winter choices are a bit limited compared to the abundance of spring, but adding color to shady outdoor spaces isn't hard. In this idea pot golden English ivy stands out on the left, alongside a colorful trio: cyclamen, violas and coral bells.
Coral bells come in an array of colorful leaves: bright greens, dark purples and several shades of bronze. They are pictured here with wispy sweet flag. Both of these evergreen perennials tend to be left alone by deer. Transfer to your shade garden next spring.
When the landscape is down to its bare bones every bit of green helps lift spirits. Fine fronds and grassy texture can be added to container gardens by planting evergreens like juncus, sedge, sweet flag and autumn fern, all of which are perennial.

 New containers in earthy & elegant colors 
have arrived for the fall & winter season!

November Lawn Care
It's not too late to apply pre-emergent to Zoysia and Bermuda lawns.
Apply during November to prevent cool-season weeds from germinating. We recommend Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper with Dimension.

Did you know? The average first frost in our area is November 8th.
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