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May 2017

It's the height of the planting season and we are stocked with the largest selection and variety of annuals, perennials, ferns, tropicals, herbs and veggies of the entire year!
There's still plenty of time to
and still plenty of things to
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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14th

Many beautiful things are in store for

Moms who love to garden

Find interesting and unusual plants, cheerful blooms, mixed containers, hanging baskets, pots and statuary that she will love to add to her garden.

Or, treat her to a gift card she can enjoy using later! 

'Angel's Parasol' Hydrangea
'Noblesse' Hydrangea

Color for the
Shade Garden

A suprising amount of color is possible in even the shadiest areas of the landscape. The common garden impatien (Impatiens walleriana) was the staple bloom for decades but has been hit hard by downy mildew recently. Once an area is infected, the disease can stay in the soil for several years. If you've battled this in your garden don't worry- there are three dependable alternatives for blooms in mostly shade that are not affected by downy mildew.  

Green-Leaf Begonias
Wax-leaf types have a mounding habit great for massing in beds, while varieties like 'Dragon Wing' 'Babywing' and 'Big' are large, showy and perfect for containers. The top choice for drought tolerant blooms in the shade; use with caladiums which are also drought tolerant.



With consistent moisture, this newcomer will tolerate full sun! Large, mounding habit with continuous blooms until frost. Sunpatiens can also be grown in mostly shade, like their close relative the New Guinea impatien. Use in containers or beds. Pair with coleus for a lush, tropical effect.

With some of the cutest blooms to be found for the summer garden, torenia is an excellent alternative to impatiens and has been underused in the past. Very colorful, reliable flowers until frost if given consistent moisture. Like impatiens, torenia are not drought tolerant. Upright and trailing varieties available.
Color for
Dense Shade
Without direct sun for at least an hour or two, even impatiens, begonias and torenia are unlikely to bloom very much. Consider using foliage for color in total shade: caladiums, coleus, polka dot plant (Hypoestes) Joseph's coat (Alternanthera), dusty miller, rex begonias and sweet potato vine brighten up dense shade.

Sun Parasol Mandevillas
A hardy and vigorous new variety, developed by Suntory breeders of Japan, who also introduced the Surfinia petunia series. Bred for deep, vibrant color, vigor, long bloom cycles, hardiness, sun, heat & humidity tolerance, disease resistance and ease of growing. Mandevillas are tried-and-true for the hottest, sunniest spots, blooming until frost in large containers or in the ground. Plant near railings, trellises, arbors or spilling from containers. Currently available in two sizes and several colors!

Caladiums & Coleus

Many gardeners are curious about which varieties of these two garden standards will tolerate direct sun for some or most of the day.


Most of the coleus varieties that we stock will grow in part to full sun. Varieties that need to be in shade or partial sun include 'Black Dragon' and the 'Kong' and 'Fairway' series.


All caladiums will grow in shade or filtered sun, but if you want to use them in part to full sun, pick from the list of sun tolerant caladiums below. Keep in mind, every variety won't be available all of the time, but we will have at least one or two, and often more, of each color in stock during May.

Desert Sun
Heart's Delight
Lance Whorton
Red Flash
Red Frill
Red Ruffles
Scarlet Flame

Pinks &



Carolyn Whorton


Classic Pink


Modern Art

Party Punch

Pink Gem

Pink Symphony



White Queen


June Bride

White Delight

White Dynasty

White Marble

White Pearl

White Star

White Wonder 

A durable, long-lived perennial for the shade garden, with unrivaled foliage in an amazing variety of colors and patterns. Lovely flowers appear in summer and attract hummingbirds. We have our very best selection of hostas during May, so be sure to stop by if you'd like to add some to your garden. Find out more about hostas and how to grow them here.

May Lawn Care

Zoysia & Bermuda lawns mid-May 

15-0-15 to Centipede lawns mid-May 

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