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May 2018
 The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.
 The fickle month of April has come and gone, taking with it the rain and fluctuating temperatures that often make gardening difficult. May has arrived, along with sunny skies and rapidly warming temperatures, creating the perfect environment for plants to really begin to grow and blossom. This month you will find our best selection of annuals, perennials, herbs and veggies for the entire year. For many, the planting season has only just begun. We hope to see you at the nursery this month, friends!
May Hours
Monday - Saturday 9 to 5:30
Sunday 1 to 5
'Shooting Star' & 'Angel's Parasol' hydrangeas are in-store now!
Mother's Day
is this Sunday, May 13th!

Beautiful blooms abound at the nursery for Moms that love their gardens.

Gift cards are also available in any amount.

Happy Mother's Day!

Three No-Fail Combos 
for Containers  or Flowerbeds
These durable mixes are made up of some of our favorite annuals, selected for their durability and proven performance through hot Southern summers. Pictured here in containers, they would work just as well in a mixed flower bed or border.
Morning Sun
Colorful foliage & blooms for shadier areas of the garden:
Babywing Begonia
Asparagus Fern
Cottage Garden
A cheerful mix for partial to full sun with consistent moisture:
Velocity Salvia
Profusion Zinnia
Million Bells
Drought Tolerant
Our top picks for the hottest, sunniest areas in your garden:
Dracaena Spike
Mexican Heather
Purple Heart
  Plants We Love: Globe Amaranth
 Native to Mexico and Central America, Gomphrena is one of the toughest annuals we carry. They thrive in hot, sunny spots and are drought tolerant. Their colorful, clover-like bracts appear non-stop from spring until frost, no dead-heading required! Their papery texture makes them a long-lasting cut flower and they will even retain their color when dried. Globe amaranth attracts butterflies and is deer resistant. We have 5 varieties in stock now!
dwarf; mounding habit 
to 6- 8" tall
'Ping Pong'
grows 16-20" tall; available in white, lavender and dark purple
'Strawberry Fields'
grows 24" tall; unusual pinkish-orange color
grow 24-30" tall; looks great in mass plantings
the tallest-growing variety reaching 
3-4' tall!
  Plants We Love: Thyme
Thyme is one of the most versatile herbs, offering fragrant, savory leaves for cooking with as well as ornamental qualities that can be enjoyed in containers or flower beds. English and French thyme are the best choices for culinary use. Golden lemon and orange thyme (the "citrus" thymes) can be used to flavor dishes or simply enjoyed for their lovely scents. Creeping thymes are extremely sun and heat tolerant and make excellent ground covers, especially planted between paving stones in the garden. All varieties of thyme thrive in at least 3 or 4 hours of sun (or more) and require well-drained soil. Their low, spreading habit makes them ideal to plant near the edge of flower beds or containers, where they can flow and spill.
Golden Lemon
Orange Scented
May Lawn Care
Bermuda & Zoysia
Apply  fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron in mid May.
Apply  fertilome 15-0-15 in 
mid May.

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