Collier's Garden Scoop

Early Fall 2022

What's In Store

For Early Fall

Healthy blooms and foliage to refresh your garden for September are in stock- we have reliable, heat tolerant options for no-fuss color that will persist until frost. The very first shipment of mums arrived this week (orange and red only) with more colors coming next week. We'll have our best selection of mums during September. We also have an excellent variety of houseplants and succulents- stop by to discover something for your collection!

As soon as temps drop to the low 80s consistently we'll begin stocking cool-weather favorites like pansies & violas, snapdragons and ornamental cabbage & kale, so look for these by late September or early October.

Lantana is a great nectar source for late season butterflies and hummingbirds!

The showy leaves of caladiums are the ideal choice for color in very shady areas.

Big pots of zinnias and begonias are a quick and easy way to refresh containers.

Gorgeous asparagus, Boston and fluffy ruffles ferns are in stock.

Marigolds and crotons have arrived- which means autumn is just around the corner!

These massive purple fountain grass & sweet potato vine planters are an elegant choice for fall.

We have a great selection of houseplants right now- like the peperomia and pilea pictured here- plus many more.

Add color to brightly lit areas of your home or office with anthurium- this striped variety is a rare find!

Fun succulent finds: crassula, echeveria and sedum are pictured here, and there are many more to see in-store.

Make Watering Easier

with Plant Nanny

When you need an extra hand with your plant babies, Plant Nanny is a lifesaver! Ideal for keeping plants watered when you're out of town, or keeping soil consistently moist for thirsty indoor and outdoor plants. Watering globes in two sizes, and an attachment that allows you to recycle a wine or plastic water bottle are all in stock. These also make great gifts for the gardeners on your list!

Lawn Care

Apply fertilome For All Seasons to Bermuda, Saint Augustine and Zoysia lawns in early September.


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