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April 2017

Foxtail Asparagus Fern
Let the digging begin
The planting season has arrived and so have the plants! During April and May the nursery is full to the brim with an abundance of annuals, perennials, ferns, herbs and veggies - the very best selection and widest variety of the entire year, and something no gardener should miss out on. We hope to see you this spring and would love to help you create, add to or transform your garden .
Happy planting!  
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Tried and True Annuals for
No-Fail Containers and Flowerbeds

Whether your busy schedule requires a low-maintenance garden, or you're new to gardening and want to start with something reliable, the following nine choices provide the no-fuss blooms and foliage needed to enjoy an easy, flawless and dependable garden.  







5 Keys to Cool Combos 
Visually satisfying and even stunning displays in your garden, however large or small, are easier to create than you might think.
By being mindful of a few simple details you can train your eye to spot interesting combinations and know how to arrange them for the fullest effect.
#1   Select plants that will thrive together- all members of a grouping should enjoy the same light, soil and moisture conditions.
#2   Don't overcrowd- this produces weak plants that are much more susceptible to drought, pests and disease. Pay attention to the estimated height and width of each plant and space accordingly.
#3   The most compelling combinations often result from interesting pairings or mixtures of colors and textures. When choosing colors you can opt for monotones (greens & whites or shades of one color), high-contrast colors (light versus dark) or complementary colors (located opposite each other on the color wheel- i.e. red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple). Texture can be both visual and tactile. For visual interest grassy, ferny or very large foliage is effective. Tactile interest can be added with soft, rough or glossy foliage.
#4   Choose plants that will grow in proper proportion to their surroundings, be that a container or flowerbed. They should grow to visually fill the space, but not overgrow or overpower it.  
#5   A balanced arrangement is the last step to a jaw-dropping combination. The arrangement can be balanced either symmetrically (even numbers) or asymmetrically (odd numbers). For flowerbeds: Even numbers are needed when working with more formal, symmetrical spaces. Otherwise, odd numbers are usually most pleasing visually. The reason for this is odd-numbered configurations have a 'center' for your eye to rest on. For containers: Round containers lend themselves to odd numbers of plants. Square and rectangular planters tend to look best with even numbers of plants. 
Fountain Grass &
Dragonwing Begonia
Joseph's Coat &  
Persian Shield

Top 'Toe Ticklers' 
We're all familiar with ground covers such as Asiatic jasmine, vinca vine and liriope used to cover large areas quickly because of their durability and aggressive growth rates, and mondo grass used as a lawn substitute in dense shade. 'Toe Ticklers' are a sometimes overlooked category of ground covers that can, as the name implies, tolerate light to heavy foot traffic, depending on the plant. These ground-hugging selections don't have to be confined to patios and pathways though- they can be used at the edge of perennial beds, in rock gardens, under shrubs as an alternative to mulch and even look adorable in fairy gardens. Take a look below at our top five 'toe ticklers' and get inspired to try (at least) one in your garden!   
Mazus reptans 
Full or partial sun. 2" tall, 12-18" wide. Semi-evergreen. Blue or white blooms spring/early summer. Light to moderate foot traffic. Needs regular water, thrives in wet soil.
Creeping Jenny
Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea' 
Shade or part sun (lime green foliage turns yellow in sun). 2-4" tall, 12-18" wide. Semi-evergreen. 
Yellow blooms early summer. Light to moderate foot traffic. Needs regular water, thrives in wet soil. 
Lithodora diffusa 'Grace Ward' 
 Light shade to part sun. 4-6" tall, 18-24" wide. Evergreen. Bright blue blooms in spring/early summer. Light foot traffic. Moist but well-drained soil. Deer resistant. 

Creeping Thyme

Thymus serpyllum & Thymus coccineus

Full or partial sun. 2-3" tall, 18-24" wide. Evergreen. Pink blooms in summer. Light to moderate foot traffic. Drought tolerant, needs well-drained soil. Deer resistant.
Blue Star Creeper 
Laurentia fluviatilis
Full or partial sun. 1-2" tall, 6-12" wide. Evergreen. Tiny blue flowers spring & summer. High foot traffic. Needs regular water, thrives in moist soils.  

April Lawn Care

Zoysia & Bermuda lawns in early April
and to St. Augustine lawns in late April 

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