Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

As we prepare for your child to enjoy Just Kids starting October 19th, we wanted to remind you of what may look different as we have new health and safety protocols. This is just a highlight.

Please see the attached updated Covid-19 Commitment to Health and Safety document for additional details.

High quality childcare begins with a commitment between parents/guardians and the childcare provider. Knowing this, Just Kids has established these extensive health and safety protocols. Please ask! We want to hear your questions, ideas, and concerns; but also comply so that we can all meet the established guidelines. These guidelines are being implemented for the safety of your child, the entire school community, and the Just Kids childcare providers. We are in this together.

We do ask for your patience and understanding as we all work through the implementation. This is new to us all and this is a process!

  • Keep your child home If he/she, or anyone in their household, shows COVID-19 symptoms (fever over 100.4 degrees F, shortness of breath, fatigue and muscle/body aches, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, new loss of smell/taste), he/she should remain at home and follow medical advice for testing and isolation. Please contact the Just Kids to let them know of the situation. We will then guide you as to what is needed for your child to return.
  • Parents will not be allowed into the school building and Just Kids program. Parents will be met at the door to answer screening questions and to drop off or pick up their child. Please keep a 6 -foot social distance from the door yourself and have your child at the door for temperature taking. Just Kids childcare staff will document signing in and out of students on our form, rather than parents.
  • Screening (temperature taking and questions) will take place at the door upon drop off in the morning. A visual screening will take place when the child comes to Just Kids from the school classroom in the afternoon. If your child shows symptoms of the virus during the screening process, be prepared to take your child home or have your child picked up immediately when contacted by the childcare staff. The child will not be allowed to enter the program. In the afternoon, your child will be supervised and isolated until picked up from program. Here are the actual screening questions from the NJ state form.
  • Provide your child with a face covering daily. Now that face coverings are mandatory in schools, Just Kids is requiring both students and staff to wear face coverings at all times during program while indoors and outdoors.
  • Your child will be assigned to a small group/ pod of up to 15 students and one consistent Just Kids childcare provider. Students are required to wear a face covering in these groups but do not need to social distance. Each pod of students will have a designated area with 10 feet or a physical barrier between pods. Social distancing will not be required between students within the same pod. The children within the pod will be able to play together on the playground or in play centers. Social distancing will be maintained through transition times such as screening, lines to move outside, in bathrooms, in hallways etc.
  • Have your child keep all his/her personal toys/ belongings at home. It is not currently allowed for students to bring personal items into the program.
  • Each afternoon, there will be specific scheduled time for students to complete homework or remote learning work. Each program will assess the amount of time based upon each students’ needs that are attending. This is hard to assess until the programs are in operation and we know the quantity of work that needs to be completed. Students will be able to use their Chromebook to complete work as needed.
  • If your school is now only half days, send your child to Just Kids with a bag lunch. We ask that the lunch be in disposable containers to minimize contact and need for sanitizing. Students can bring in reusable water bottles with their name labeled on it, as the CDC is discouraging the use of water fountains.
  • Students will be given a personal basket to place all their belongings in. Each student will be given an individual labeled bag of supplies including pencils, markers, crayons, erasers, glue stick, scissors and other commonly used supplies. Each pod will have its own supply of play equipment. Any materials or supplies that are used between pods will be sanitized between use.
  • Frequent handwashing, which is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infection, will be conducted throughout the day and will include at time of entering the program, before/after meals/snacks, after using restroom, after outside play, after touching nose/mouth or removing face coverings, prior to leaving the program and after contact with frequently touched surfaces/items. Hand sanitizer meeting the CDC guidelines will be used if soap and water is not available at the time.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing practices are implemented including sanitizing of all surfaces, play equipment, and toys at the beginning and end of each session. Commonly touched surfaces such as doors, faucets, and counters will be sanitized regularly after each use or throughout program time.
  • If you want to use Extra Services, for a session that you are not enrolled for, Just Kids now requires a 48 hour in advance request to the program supervisor. The supervisor will let you know if there is availability for your child to attend on that specific day and session (am or pm).
  • Should something come up during Just Kids or after that concerns you – you are confused about staff actions or your child shares a confusing story – contact the Just Kids’ Supervisor or your child’s group leader by calling the program cell number and let them know. Just Kids wants to partner effectively with parents; sharing information makes this possible. We do not want this partnership hampered by our new limited face to face interaction in the program.
  • If your child or someone in your household becomes ill with Covid-19 symptoms, please reach out to me at 856-768-8190 x 509 immediately. Just Kids will be following the Department of Health protocols on allowing students to return to Just Kids and requires a medical release.
  • If there is a confirmed positive COVID-19 case, the incident will immediately be reported to local health department authorities, NJ DOE, NJ Office of Licensing and other governing entities where required. Employees, students, and families who may have been in close contact with the person will be alerted to possible exposure. Instructions provided by Department of Health authorities will determine resulting protocols including disinfecting, screening, and closures. 
Thank you for choosing Just Kids for you and your family! 
Lorin Powell
Director, Just Kids
856-768-8190 x509