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April:May 2016
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Ford National 
Body Shop Program

Dealer Business Improvement Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports for March are available at

Not enrolled in the Ford National Body Shop Program? Click here for program benefits and enrollment information. 

Ford Recognized
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Northeast Trade Show

During the Northeast Trade Show last month in New Jersey, both Assured Performance Network and Ford National Body Shop booths were busy with body shop owners and insurers inquiring about Certification.
Insurers frequently inquired how to obtain information on shops that are Ford Recognized to fix the new Ford F-150s. Insurers want to make sure they can provide their customers with shops that can fix their vehicles properly. We directed them to our Insurer-Facing Shop Locator.
Body shop owners inquired about the Certification process recognizing the importance this plays in the ir shop's success as advanced new materials and technology are being used more extensively with each new generation vehicle.

Highlights from First OEM Certified Collision Care Provider Conference

Ford, Nissan, FCA and Assured Performance joined together to host a content-filled conference to a sold-out crowd of Certified repairers representing over 620 repair locations and nearly $3 billion in annual revenue. Click here to read the highlights.

5 Tips on How to Leverage your Certification and Ford Recognition

Your Certification is valuable. You've invested time, money and worked hard to earn your Certification...Now, show it off and promote it. Spread the word!

Tip 1: Include your approved Certification logos/badges in all your marketing & advertising (billboards, brochures, consumer estimate holder, "on-hold" message, business cards, company logo wear, etc.)
Tip 2: Include you are Certified in your "help wanted" ads
Tip 3: Include approved logos/badges in your email signature 
Tip 4: Educate your consumers on the benefits of going to a Certified shop through social media and your websites 
Tip 5: For your website, include search engine words around Certification (Certified, training, tools, equipment, OEM recognized, aluminum capable, etc.)
OEM Repair Networks

Because of the influence insurers have on which collision repairers get their customers' business, states have passed laws spelling out that policyholders must understand they can patronize whomever each customer wants. This is good news for the National Body Shop Network. Click to read the full article here.
2017 All New Ford Super Duty

The 2017 all new Ford Super Duty truck is the only heavy-duty pickup with a high strength, military-grade aluminum-alloy body. It is the first super duty with a fully boxed, high-strength steel frame. 

Collision Care shops that are already enrolled in the Ford National Body Shop program already have the proper tools and equipment to properly repair these vehicles.

For more information on the 2017 Super Duty Truck, click
2016 Ford Consumer Awareness Campaign

Last year, Ford Consumer Awareness efforts were largely built upon consumer education, while the National Body Shop Network continued to grow. The focus was on driving awareness of Ford Collision Parts, educating Ford owners on the benefits of OE new parts, and informing owners their rights to choose parts, insurance and repairs. For 2016, Ford will continue to drive awareness and educate Ford owners on the benefits of Ford parts. However, Ford's communication direction will evolve to drive customers through the doors of Collision Care Shop locations that are in the Ford National Body Shop Program.
To view and get more information on other OEMs participating in the Assured Performance Certification-Recognition program, click here.