The Senior Alliance's Monthly Advocacy Update
February 22, 2022
Volume 3.2
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Whitmer Releases Spending Proposal for FY 2023
Early this month Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposed a $74.1 billion state budget, the largest spending plan in Michigan history. The governor is also seeking a $369 million total tax cut. These tax reliefs include the taxation of retirees and low income families.

In addition to normal state government operations, the budget contains $500 million for business incentives to lure job creators to under-utilized sites in the state. $250 million of the proposed budget will go towards expanding broadband access across Michigan and $500 million for water infrastructure.

The state legislature will now begin the budgeting process for FY 2023. Budget hearings are expected to occur from now through May. The Senior Alliance will monitor spending proposals as they travel through the legislature.
Another Continuing Resolution Passed by U.S. House
The U.S. House passed yet again another continuing resolution (CR) this month, which will expire on March 11, 2022. The U.S. Senate is set to pass the CR before the end of month. Although this CR does not last the full budget year, the possibility still remains that a Continuing Resolution may be passed to cover the balance of the current fiscal year. A CR is an appropriation bill continues the pre-existing appropriations at the same levels as the previous fiscal year.

The Senior Alliance continues to advocate for increases to critical spending categories for Older Americans Act (OAA) programs and services. We will also continue to advocate for passage of a final spending bill and not another CR. We encourage you to contact your members of Congress to negotiate a strong deal for older adults programs and services.
GetSetUp Classes
MDHHS has teamed up with GetSetUp to provide hundreds of live online classes to keep you mentally, physically, and socially active. These classes are interactive, easy to join, and are free to all. These classes are a great way to connect while staying home and staying safe.

Classes range from yoga and fitness, games, technology assistance and help, nutrition, seminars, and daily lunch hours.

To check out GetSetUp and see what classes are live, click here.
"Inside The Senior Alliance" Podcast
Our new podcast series, "Inside The Senior Alliance," provides to-the-point information about our programs and services. Just search for "The Senior Alliance" to find it on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Stitcher, Google and other podcast platforms. Most episodes are less than 15 minutes long.

Our newest episode features Jodi Burke, Program Specialist II from the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan.

The first episode answers the question, "What is The Senior Alliance?" Other installments provide overviews of the MI Choice Waiver program, the Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP), our Supports Coordination function, our Information & Assistance service, Housing Coordination, the Long Term Care Ombudsman, the Michigan Senior Advocates Council, our Advisory Council, the Meals-on-Wheels Program, Direct Care Workers, Advocacy Overview, State Representative Laurie Pohutsky and the Friendly Reassurance program.

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