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November 30, 2022

Volume 3.11

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State Election Results

The 2022 Michigan elections were held on Tuesday, November 8. The Democratic party made historic gains this election, by taking full control of the state government for the first time since 1983.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson were all reelected. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell were reelected, and Shri Thanedar was newly elected to serve in the House of Representatives. State Representative Joe Tate of Detroit in the State will be the first Black Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives.

The new elected officials will take office in January 2023. The Senior Alliance congratulates all those newly elected and reelected to office in the state and local elections. We hope to work alongside these public officials to continue to positively impact older and disabled adults in western and southern Wayne County.

Michigan Legislature in Lame Duck

As the legislative session comes to a end before the new year, lawmakers are deciding what bills will be considered before many leave office. Members of the State House and Senate are working on their agenda for the lame duck session. Lame duck refers to the final period of office after an election.

No major legislations are scheduled, but many officials are determining how to use their final days in sessions. In the State Senate, discussions about a year-end supplemental are ongoing but not official due to lack of time. Governor Whitmer stated she would like to see the legislature work toward deploying federal resources during lame duck if possible.

The Senior Alliance will continue to track any upcoming aging related bills or supplementals that may come up during this lame duck session and advocate on behalf of older adults.

Behavioral Health Bills Defeated

On November 29, Michigan Senate voted and defeated Senate Bills 597 and 598, along with House Bills 4925 and 4928. These bills would have moved all the Medicaid children's services over to private insurance companies, creating one statewide entity to manage the service. The bills would have also privatized Medicaid mental health services by giving financial control and oversight to for-profit insurance companies. All conversations about these bills were done behind closed doors, without key stakeholders included.

These bills were reported out of committee and moved to a third reading at the Senate in October where they had remained on the calendar since. On November 29, the bills were defeated by a vote of 15-17.

The Senior Alliance thanks those who did not support the passing of these bills as they would not have improved care for Michigan's most vulnerable citizens. The Senior Alliance will continue to advocate against bills that will negatively impact older and disabled adults in our community.

"Inside The Senior Alliance" Podcast

Our newest episode features Dr. Tom Jankowski, Board Chair of The Senior Alliance. In this episode, Jason Maciejewski, CEO of The Senior Alliance, talks with Dr. Tom about the purpose and functions of a Area Agency on Aging board and how to get involved.

Our podcast series, "Inside The Senior Alliance," provides to-the-point information about our programs and services. Just search for "The Senior Alliance" to find it on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Stitcher, Google and other podcast platforms. Most episodes are less than 15 minutes long.

The first episode answers the question, "What is The Senior Alliance?" Other installments provide overviews of the MI Choice Waiver program, the Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP), our Supports Coordination function, our Information & Assistance service, Housing Coordination, the Long Term Care Ombudsman, the Michigan Senior Advocates Council, our Advisory Council, the Meals-on-Wheels Program, Direct Care Workers, Advocacy Overview, State Representative Laurie Pohutsky, the Friendly Reassurance program, the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, the Alzheimer's Association of Michigan, AARP of Michigan, and Jewish Family Service.

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