Holiday 2020
Creativity in the midst of crisis—ATS executive director shares update
As we enter almost a full of year of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, I have good news to share. These past eleven months have been challenging but in the middle of those challenges, ATS schools have met them with resiliency, adaptability, and creativity. Read more.
An enrollment surprise—more ATS schools grow than decline for first time since 2006
As of early December, 98% of ATS schools have reported their enrollment data for fall 2020. In terms of a year-over-year comparison by school, 54% of ATS schools had enrollment increases and 46% of ATS schools had enrollment decreases. This is positive news for ATS schools! Read more.
ATS publication honors twenty years of women leaders
A series of essays celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the ATS Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative is now available to read online for free. ATS Women in Leadership: Celebrating Twenty Years was published on the Books@Atla Open Press website in November.
New ATS Standards provide framework for global sustainability among theological libraries
As the pandemic and its related economic pressures ripple across the globe, theological institutions and their libraries are developing new strategies of sustainability. Read more.
Webinar offers moment of rest amid chaos
Amy Steele, assistant dean for student affairs and community life at Vanderbilt University Divinity School, led a group of ATS student administrative personnel on a one-hour spiritual reflection through the works of Howard Thurman—prominent philosopher, theologian, and civil rights leader. The webinar was a gift to those present, providing a moment of Sabbath rest in the midst of a chaotic year. Read more.
Building a Scholarly Career:
The ATS Guide to Religious and Theological Publishing
Published this year, the guide presents a first-of-its-kind taxonomy of publishers in religious and theological studies, helping scholars to strategically assess their publishing options for a successful scholarly career. It is available for individual or group purchase.
Henry Luce Foundation invites requests for proposals
The Luce Foundation’s Theology Program invites proposals in support of projects that will advance public knowledge on the topic of race, justice, and religion in America. The foundation encourages proposals that seek to rethink our understanding of religion and race in America, to imagine alternative possibilities, and to alter the terms of public discourse. Read more.
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