December 2015

Daniel O. Aleshire to retire as executive director of ATS
After 26 years with ATS, Daniel Aleshire has announced his decision to retire no later than June 2017. A formal search for a new executive director will begin after the first of the year. Read more

The two biggest myths
about educational debt
In response to mounting educational debt, theological schools have tried a number of strategies, but often to no avail. Debt loads continue to increase, and graduates are finding it harder to survive financially in ministry. But the story is not all what it seems. Current strategies are largely based on two myths.
Read more.

Global engagement: 10 critical lessons learned by theological educators
With the continuing shift in the center of gravity for Christianity to the majority world, the ATS Board of Directors has named Global Awareness and Engagement as one of its strategic priorities for the coming years. To begin broadening the conversation and inform proposals for future work in this area, ATS convened a group of 16 theological educators earlier this year to share what they have been doing on their campuses and abroad as well as some of the lessons they have learned so far. Read more.

2015 Annual Report available online 
The first ATS Annual Report, summarizing significant data and activities for the 2014-2015 academic year, is now available in electronic form.

Merry Christmas!
From the staff and boards of ATS,
our very best for a blessed holiday season! 



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