December 2014

10 steps to developing
a dashboard of key metrics
Reporting key metrics can make the difference between an overwhelming amount of data and clear, concise messages to the CFO's various audiences--messages that enable them to manage change in their institutions. Brad Tisdale, chief financial officer of Reformed Theological Seminary, presents 10 steps to developing an effective dashboard--or flash report--and shares different formats that have proven successful with senior executives, board members, and academic officers. Read more.

Theological Education journal 
celebrates 50 years

The 50th anniversary issue of the journal Theological Education--the 142nd issue--marks this significant milestone, featuring both retrospective and forward-looking articles on the religious and cultural landscape, issues of race and ethnicity, and the current challenges facing theological educators. While the landscape has transformed dramatically since 1964, many of the themes are familiar, and the past is instructive as scholars look ahead to the next 50 years. Watch for arrival of the newly designed TE in February. If you're not already receiving the journal, subscribe today!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
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