February 2021
ATS analyzes fall 2020 admissions statistics of member schools
I was curious to see if the fall 2020 headcount enrollment increases were observed in new students beginning their seminary education—if the positive news in overall enrollment resulted from a good year in new admissions or perhaps something else. The answer? Perhaps a little bit of both. Read more.
Education Models and Practices grant reports serve as resources for member schools
With many ATS schools preparing to embark on planning and explorations through Lilly Endowment’s Pathways for Tomorrow grants, this is a good time to remind members about the reports of similar projects from the ATS Educational Models and Practices in Theological Education project. Read more.
ATS development and communication officers engage in first virtual learning gathering
Earlier this month, ATS development and communication leaders engaged in a four-day event—"Building Relationships for Effective Fundraising”—that incorporated asynchronous activities through Canvas and synchronous meetings through Zoom. Read more.
ATS schools' spending amid pandemic sheds light on tough decisions made by leaders
An analysis of expenditures over the last year and in the midst of the pandemic provides some insight into the challenging and important decisions ATS school administrators had to make and continue to make to navigate through these unchartered waters. Read more.
Lilly Endowment initiative still accepting grant applications
Lilly Endowment Inc. announced that it will make available $87.5 million in grant funding to ATS-accredited schools this year through its Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative. Letters requesting assessment and planning grants as well as accompanying materials for Phase 1 of the initiative can still be submitted on March 1 and March 15, 2021.
Social Science Research Council now accepting applications for fellowship
The Religion, Spirituality, and Democratic Renewal (RSDR) Fellowship of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), with the support of the Fetzer Institute, aims to bring knowledge of the place of religion and spirituality into scholarly and public conversations about renewing democracy in the United States. These fellowships offer research support over a period of up to twelve months to doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy and to postdoctoral researchers within five years of their PhD. Proposals are welcomed on all aspects and dimensions of religion and spirituality in their relation to democracy from across all fields in the social sciences, humanities, and theology. Applications are due April 6, 2021. Find out more.
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