April 2018 

Master's enrollment-
a changing landscape
In the last two decades, enrollment in professional and academic master's programs has been increasing, while MDiv enrollment has been declining. If trajectories continue, the number of students enrolled in MAs will exceed the number of MDiv students by 2021. Read more.

Don't miss the Centennial Biennial Meeting!
Reserve your spot today to be part of this historic gathering in Denver.

Six ways the ARDA can shed light on your school's religious context
ATS is working with the Association of Religion Data Archives to increase access to the interactive online tools that schools can use to ask tough questions about their congregations, communities, countries, and world. Read more.

Preconference on institutional decision making set the stage for midcareer faculty seminar
Participants used hypothetical case studies to explore how shared governance helps various seminary constituents respond to real-life disruptions. Read more.

Where are graduates serving? New insights from the Educational Models Workforce Survey
A 2017 survey of 940 recent seminary graduates revealed where graduates were serving, what competencies were most important in their work, what degrees and other credentials were being required of them in the workplace, and the impact of educational debt on their lives. Read more.

Five reasons for a comprehensive redevelopment of the ATS Commission Standards and Procedures
Tom Tanner explains why the Board of Commissioners is proposing the first major revision since 1996. Read more.

Key questions and concerns regarding the proposed redevelopment
As the Board of Commissioners has reflected the last few years on the proposed redevelopment of the current Standards and Procedures, a number of questions have arisen regarding the philosophy, content, and structure of what they might look like. Read more.


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