June 2018 

ATS members gather to celebrate at
the Centennial Biennial Meeting
Amidst historical displays and an Innovation Expo, veteran theological educators and recent graduates, the meeting embraced the dual theme of Legacy and Innovation. Read more.

Membership unanimously approves motion
to redevelop Standards and Procedures
Authorized in a vote at the ATS Centennial Biennial Meeting June 20-21 in Denver, the process will be led by a task force of 19 seasoned theological educators, who are expected to bring a new set of standards for membership approval to the 2020 Biennial Meeting in Vancouver. Read more.

Reflections on redevelopment
Tom Tanner highlights two things about the proposed two-year project to redevelop the Standards and Procedures and reflects on what a good day might look like for ATS. Read more.  

ATS names three Distinguished Service Awardees
This year's honorees and six past awardees were celebrated at the Centennial Banquet. Read more.
Women in Leadership survey: What we found may not be what you think
What kind of impact has this program made over 20 years? Is the Association in a better place because of it? Recent research highlights topics such as leadership pathways, networks of support, and harassment based on gender. Read more.

Sep 11-12

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