April 2016

Global Forum of Theological Educators to hold inaugural meeting
The conference in Germany next month will unite more than 100 individuals from 35 countries with a shared interest in Christian theological education. Read more.

Register now for Biennial Meeting and Academic Officers' preconference!
Set in the historic St. Louis Union Station, the 2016 Biennial will feature a panel moderated by NPR's Michel Martin, 13 workshop offerings, and updates on the Educational Models and Practices project and its grants program. Dan Aleshire will close the event--his last Biennial Meeting before his 2017 retirement--with reflections on 26 years with ATS. Register now!

Debbie Creamer to serve as senior editor of Theological Education journal
At age 50, Theological Education is still playing an important role in the exchange of ideas and scholarship. Read more.

Midcareer faculty and student personnel administrators gather in Phoenix  
Nearly 30 midcareer faculty and 130 SPAN attendees met independently to share practical strategies, vocational thinking, and network. Read more.

Six "aha!" moments and six "oh dear!" moments in
the Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers (ECFFM) project

The collective wisdom of representatives from 67 participating theological schools reveals positive revelations and discouraging realities. Read more.

Theological school partnerships with congregations: 7 models and a theological foundation
At a recent gathering of the ECFFM project, faculty and administrators from 12 seminaries discussed the theology of partnerships and shared several ways of structuring them. Read more.
Placements: The impact of "unknowns" on the total picture
In an article last month, we reported on placement rates for recent graduates at ATS schools. The article reflected positive placement rates across the last four years. Further analysis reveals that those rates were skewed by a high rate--20%--of "unknowns" reported. New placement rates are now available. Read more.



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