May 2019 

Seeking elegant simplicity with humility and humanity: an update on redeveloping
the Standards
and Procedures

Task Force chair Sarah Drummond reflects on the next step in the process. Read more. 
Stability amidst turbulent times:
the benefits of bi-vocational ministry
Bi-vocational arrangements not only provide financial stability for ministers and congregations but also reframe the minister-congregation relationship in mutually beneficial ways. Read more.

It takes two to tango: development and communications in major transitions
Two colleagues from Yale and Andover Newton share six core values, the very real challenges of partnering, and how they have made it work. Read more.

Coming soon: a new online community for ATS stakeholders
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new online community for ATS stakeholders that will provide opportunities for networking, discussion of crucial issues, and sharing of insights through multiple communities of engagement. Whatever role you play at a member school or a related organization, you will be able to connect with your peers to share wisdom and resources in real time. Watch for an invitation this fall and join the conversations!
Final issue of Theological Education journal released
Publication of the ATS journal, Theological Education, has ceased with issue 52:2. There is a growing consensus that the membership would be better served by online, open-access occasional papers rather than a printed, semi-annual subscription journal. ATS remains committed to broadening access to the research and scholarship about theological education generated by our membership and staff. Under this new arrangement, publications can be issued digitally as content is produced and thereby be immediately available to all.  
AAR's Science and Theological Education: Reports from the Field now available online
A collection of essays from ATS scholars brings new perspectives to the conversation. Read the full issue.  


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