Summer 2018 

Debbie Creamer and Lester Ruiz assume new roles
Two senior ATS accreditors shift their roles in service to the membership and the Association's mission. Read more.

ATS executive director reflects on first year   
Frank Yamada talks about the collective wisdom of the membership and staff, legacy and innovation, and his ongoing listening tour. Read more.

Reflection, research, and response:
re-energizing ATS work on race and ethnicity
CORE pro grams will develop new resources, build school capacities, and strengthen partnerships. Read more.

How well are we doing on race?
A realistic assessment rooted in research
A summary of recent research assesses the effectiveness of the first 14 years of the Committee on Race and Ethnicity. Read more.

Being where?
The shift from on-campus to offsite to online education
Veteran accreditor Tom Tanner looks at the magnitude of the shift in delivery methods and the factors behind it. Read more.

The mentor's dilemma: tips for assessing "soft" competencies in Competency-Based Theological Education (CBTE)
Assessing a student's proficiency in New Testament Greek or Old Testament literature is relatively straightforward and well-understood, but how do you evaluate spiritual or emotional maturity, faith, or humility? And how do you ensure consistency among multiple mentors? Read more.

ATS Board of Commissioners approves new data sharing policy
Expanded access and collaborative thinking will open the door for new research into theological education.
Read more. 
Calvin Institute of Christian worship announces Teacher-Scholar Grants
The Lilly-funded teacher-scholar grants are for research-based projects to strengthen Christian public worship practices.
Read more.

Sep 11-12

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