March 2015

Why 100 ATS member schools have grown
Approximately 37 percent of ATS member schools have grown  during the past five years. Among the 100 schools that have grown, 34 have grown at least 25 percent, of which 12 have grown by at least 50 percent. Nearly half (44%) of the growing schools show five-year enrollment gains even despite declines during the past year. While there is no single factor accounting for this sustained growth, given the diverse universe of ATS schools, some factors are worth noting. Read more.

Personal reflections on diversity gathering
and lessons we've learned  
I sat in a room filled with more than 40 ethnically diverse theology students and recent graduates from every walk of life and listened intently as they eagerly shared their stories of who they were upon first entering this world, the sequence of events that called them to ministry, and how they see themselves now.
Piety and Plurality inspires future-oriented conversation  
Eleven veteran theological educators gathered in Pittsburgh for a    day of conversation around Glenn Miller's recent book, Piety and Plurality: Theological Education since 1960, the third and final volume in Miller's trilogy. Having lived the history that the book chronicles, these experts brought their personal perspectives to the table and observed broad patterns of change and lessons learned during the past 50 years. Using Miller's book as a touchstone, the group also speculated about likely future directions in theological education.







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