January 2022
Hope in a new year—
ATS executive director shares updates
Whenever I ask the ATS staff what they value most about our work, the answer is always the same—they enjoy supporting the schools and watching them improve.
ATS enhances member engagement with recent updates
A redesign of the ATS website was recently completed, and new updates to Engage ATS have been added to further support member engagement. Read more. Listen to the article.
ATS Annual Report Form revision project continues
The information gathering phase of the ATS Annual Report Form Comprehensive Revision Project is making great progress. Read more. Listen to the article.
Three member schools find success with competency-based theological education
I recently had occasion to study three schools that have adopted variations of competency-based theological education. Read more. Listen to the article.
Member school librarian reflects on her involvement in ATS accreditation visits
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary's librarian was recently interviewed regarding her involvement with an ATS accreditation team. Read more. Listen to the article.
ATS student personnel administrators embrace vocation and nurture well-being
ATS student personnel administrators joined together for a virtual workshop last month to reflect on our own stories and vocations, and to share best practices of self-care and community building. Read more. Listen to the article.
ATS schools participating in new Science for Seminaries Seed Grant initiative
A dozen ATS member schools are participating in the 2021-2022 Science for Seminaries Seed Grant initiative. The schools are receiving one year of flexible funding to increase their students' capacities for engaging science and technology in theological education. Topics being covered include neuroscience, biochemistry, racism and public health, epigenetics, heath and well-being, and mathematics. Science for Seminaries is a project of the AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion program, in consultation with ATS. The project helps a diverse group of seminaries integrate science into their core curricula.
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