September 2014

Breaking the code of silence:
Financial planning tools seek to promote greater fiscal responsibility
among incoming students  
As schools work to address issues of debt and financial literacy during students' first years of seminary, they promote not just financial well-being but also whole life stewardship and ministerial effectiveness. In the process, they are developing useful tools to share with other schools. Read more.

New research function launched with arrival of Debbie Gin on ATS staff   
Debbie Gin joined the ATS staff in August 2014 to engage new initiatives in research and work with faculty. These initiatives were endorsed by the ATS Board of Directors in December 2013 as strategic priorities that will help to govern the Association's work during the next few years. Read more.

Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology
Program to continue through 2017 
This summer, the Henry Luce Foundation made a major grant to continue support for the Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology program. This funding will provide scholarships for two more classes of fellows and enable ATS to host conferences to discuss their work. Since 1994, the Luce program has funded significant work by 142 of the Association's most talented research faculty representing a total of more than 50 ATS member schools. The Association is most grateful to the Luce Foundation for its generous gift of $1.19 million for this important work. Read more and apply now for 2015-16.
New to ATS? 
Welcome! In addition to theological accreditation, ATS offers a community through which you can learn, gain support, and build a network in your current role. We host conferences and webinars for your specific area of work, produce newsletters, a journal, and other materials that address trends and best practices in theological education, and maintain a database of statistics about our member schools and their students. Take advantage of ATS programs and services--we look forward to meeting you! 







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