March 2019 

Standards redevelopment reflections:  
including students
in discernment
Redevelopment Task Force Chair Sarah Drummond reflects on why student input is essential to the process of rethinking the accrediting standards--and what insights they offer.
Read more.
t ing there: seven practices to support successful women in theological education
Conducted incident to the 20th anniversary of the ATS Women in Leadership program, a survey of nearly 600 women reveals the personal habits and institutional practices that work for women aspiring to positions of leadership. Read more. 
Student services personnel are challenged and empowered at conference 
More than 120 participants dug deeply into student formation, educational debt, and the challenges of wearing multiple hats. Read more. 
American Academy
of Religion announces Whiting Foundation funding for scholars in public engagement
Early career faculty with expertise in the field of religion in the humanities may apply to be nominated for a Public Engagement Seed Grant ($10,000) or a Public Engagement Fellowship ($50,000) funded by the Whiting Foundation in partnership with AAR. Read the submission guidelines and apply by April 5, 2019. 
Science for Seminaries Retreat--last call for free summer workshop!
Join the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion--a program of the Association for the Advancement of Science--to discover how forefront science can enrich theological education. Apply for full sponsorship.  

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Biennial Meeting
Vancouver, BC
Jun 24-25

Academic Officers' Conference
June 23

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