January 2015

Theological school leaders speak out against violence and injustice     
In an open letter to presidents and deans of theological schools in the United States that appeared in the Huffington Post, 31 African American presidents and deans have called for action to promote justice in the face of continued violence nationwide. In response, 11 Presbyterian school presidents have affirmed their solidarity and their commitment to "creating and sustaining conversations, programs, and/or actions, consistent with the missions of our schools that respond to our country's current situation so that we might embrace anew a vision of 'the beloved community.'"

A potentially game-changing model for theological education 
At the ATS Presidential Intensive Conference in San Antonio this week, Greg Henson, president of Sioux Falls Seminary in South Dakota, presented an educational model that places the seminary at the center of a network of educational partners. He likens the model to an open software platform that paves the way for broad collaboration and new applications. In a blog and video, Henson makes a compelling case for the value and sustainability of this model. A variation on the model is being tested at Northwest Baptist Seminary.

An outcomes-based MDiv:
Christianity Today
talks with Kent Anderson 
In an interview with Christianity Today, Kent Anderson, president of Northwest Baptist Seminary in Langley, BC, offers his perspective on an innovative outcomes-based MDiv program approved by the ATS Commission on Accrediting as an experiment. "Immerse" is the only Commission-accredited MDiv program that is entirely outcomes-based and delivered fully in context through a customizable, mastery, mentored model. The program is a deep collaboration (co-owned) with the school's parent denomination, Fellowship Pacific, and other partners.
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