May 2017 

Seminary governance in challenging times:
a checklist of 10 lessons learned at 21 schools
As a year-long problem-solving exercise draws to a close, administrators, faculty, and board members share their wisdom. Read more.

What must not be lost? Preserving the  essential ingredients in theological education
Captured in videos at the April Educational Models and Practices Forum, three seasoned theological educators reflect on what is at the core of their work and what must be preserved in the midst of dramatic and necessary changes. View the videos.

Where else can they go and what else can they do? Guiding MDiv graduates into fields other than congregational ministry
A third of today's graduates plan a career other than religious leadership. Three rungs on the career ladder might help them find the perfect job. Read more.

Virtuous cycles: supporting future ministers
In an article for Yale Divinity's Reflections, Jo Ann Deasy, director of the Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers project, talks about the issues surrounding debt among seminarians. Read more.

Frank Yamada talks about seminary boards
In an interview with In Trust Magazine, the next ATS executive director answers five key questions about the function of boards and the issues that should concern them. Read more.

David Kelsey on the defining goal of theological education in the midst of change
In an interview for the website Resources for American Christianity, Yale's David Kelsey reflects on significant changes in theological schools' student population, in the preparation of faculty for teaching, in the use of technology in instruction, and in American religious demographics.
Read a transcript of the interview.

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