November 2016

Midpoint reflections on the Educational Models project: peer groups share 10 themes
Demonstrating the power of collaborative thinking, a few general themes have emerged that reflect common values and realities and may inform the next revision of the accrediting standards. Read more.
How 2016 graduates are faring
Highlights from responses to this year's Graduating Student Questionnaire provide important feedback about educational experiences, personal formation, and vocational goals that can help us evaluate and improve our work as theological educators. Read more.

Economic Challenges Facing Future         Ministers: revelations and responses
In a workshop earlier this year, leaders from three of the project's 67 participating schools shared key insights and successful strategies. Read more.

Research Advisory Committee begins to chart agenda
If ATS had endless time, resources, and power, what should it study, and why? In a full-day meeting with ATS staff members, the committee discussed an agenda to guide the Association's research function over the next several years. Read more.

What's theological about accrediting theological schools?           
In his Views from the Corner Office blog, Daniel Aleshire muses about accreditation and the different character of theological schools.  Read more and subscribe. 

Happy Thanksgiving!
With particular gratitude for our community of schools, ATS staff wishes the membership a blessed holiday! 

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