Due to the continuing threats to public health on account of this ongoing virus (even if some politicians tell you otherwise), we continue to play it safe and practise totally virtually. Everyone on our team has full cloud access to all our files. We are 100% virtual. Client meetings continue to be held via Zoom and similar platforms.

In March 2022 a newly commissioned independent Nanos poll was published. Since the previous poll in 2017, the extent of support to change the law so that Equal Shared Parenting will be the starting point has increased. We dedicate this issue to the parents across Canada who are yearning to continue to play a real part in their kids' lives. If you would like to participate in the volunteer campaign to bring real change to Canadian family law, then you may CLICK HERE.

We warmly welcome Kevin J. Roche as our newest Associate Counsel. Kevin is the recipient of multiple law school awards. He was co-editor in chief of the Queen Mary Law Journal. He has co-chaired continuing legal education law programs through the Ontario Bar Association.

We are proud to have forged a close association with lawyer, Nasar Iqbal. Nasar continues his own practice in Mississauga, Ontario, and is available to pitch in for our firm when needed. He was a very experienced lawyer in Pakistan and we are all the better for it that he came to our area, achieving a Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School while attaining his NCA accreditation that same year - 2017. While studying to qualify in Ontario he worked in the courts administration. Nasar was called to the Ontario Bar in 2019 and has been practising family law since then. Nasar is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. He has also worked as a Crown Attorney for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

Here is the recent Nanos Poll - have a look! There is overwhelming support all across Canada in favour of a legislated rebuttable presumption for Equal Shared Parenting. Check out the media links below.

CALL TO ACTION: If you would like to participate in the volunteer campaign to bring real change to Canadian family law, then you may CLICK HERE:
For a few years now, and from time to time (generally not more than once per week), Gene C. Colman gathers together pithy little quotes from the Equal Shared Parenting literature and sends them out to subscribers. It may be an excerpt from the social sciences, it may be a reported case excerpt, it might be a news article. Sometimes, he will share his own views. These tidbits are then republished at the firm's website.

To view past issues of our Equal Shared Parenting Thought of the Day and/or to sign up for future issues - CLICK HERE.

And here in any event are a few samples from past issues:

June 22, 2021 – CBA endorses rebuttable presumption! (Don't get too excited. It's for child support. But still, it's nice to hear that the CBA accepts the concept of sensible starting points.)

Colman has been actively posting to social media for some time. Don't miss an insight, a quip, a criticism, an observation. Most of the posts address Equal Shared Parenting and Parental Alienation. Here are the symbols to click and join me into your social media circle:
To render cutting edge legal advice, Continuing Legal Education is very important. Here is a sample of some courses that our lawyers have attended since our last newsletter:

  • The Year in Review: The Top Family Law Cases of 2021

  • It's Your Move!" Is it Time to Move on from Gordon v Goertz?

  • Ethical Competition for Clients

  • Recent Changes to Estate Law Relating to Marriage & Separation

  • Central West Region: OBA Bench and Bar with Regional Sr Justice Richetti

  • GCC was on the faculty for a webinar from Israel entitled, "International Taxation & Inheritance - Family Law in Israel vis-à-vis the Countries of the World". GCC spoke on Ontario's system of Equalization of Net Family Property, particularly with reference to tax implications. He even gave part of his presentation in Hebrew.

  • The Year in Review: The Top Family Law Cases of 2021

  • "It's Your Move!" Is It Time to Move on from Gordon v. Geortz?

  • Family Law Summit (two-days)   

  • AFCC's Webinar on Missteps and Oversteps

  • North Toronto FCEC - Mastering Evidence Law

  • O.B.A. Child & Youth Privacy, Disclosure and Consent Concerns

  • 2022 Civil Litigators’ Survival Guide to Evidence

  • Three different webinars relating to her Collaborative Law Practice

  • AFCC’s Webinar on Missteps and Oversteps

  • AFCC’s Webinar on Missteps and Oversteps

  • AFCC’s Webinar on Missteps and Oversteps

  • Our law clerk attended "Key Updates for Family Law Proceedings Across Ontario" and then educated the rest of us about the latest notices to the profession from the different regions.
Our Popular Webinars
From April to July 2020, we presented a a series of six webinars for the public on bell weather topics. These webinars were very well attended and received. You can watch them via our web site. Topics: Covid-19, Parental Alienation, Equal Shared Parenting, Fathers' Rights, Financial Disclosure, Grandparent Alienation.
Sponsorships and Community Involvement
We have signed on to co-sponsor an upcoming interdisciplinary conference, Sept. 15 and 16, 2022, in Toronto (in person and virtual): "Fatherhood and Men's Experiences with Violence and Victimization". For more information, CLICK HERE. Our articling student, Tanya Campbell-Dailey, will be presenting on the newly expanded definitions of "family violence" in the Divorce Act.

Recent Firm Court Victories
Since our last newsletter, we have had a series of court cases where we represented dads who were simply trying to be 50/50 time sharing dads. In two of the cases we achieved Equal Shared Parenting without a trial. In the other two cases, the dads had not been allowed to see their kids for extended periods of time and we were successful in securing court orders for reasonable parenting time under all the circumstances. We continue to be committed to the rights of children to enjoy time with both parents.

We have been very active just blogging away. The blog posts are mostly quite short - generally less than a two minute read. Check out our blog here. And here are a few links to some of our more recent blog posts.
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