As the summer slowly wraps up, your attention may move toward your proverbial summer bucket list, checking progress on what you have accomplished and what remains untouched. You may find many items crossed off, or perhaps just a few have been attended or you may have lost your summer bucket list altogether. No matter what's happened with your list, do not fret, it isn't always about checking something off a list but more importantly, it is paying attention to and enjoying each day, in some small way.  Though we mention a summer bucket list, you may wonder about the bucket list of life and whether it's too late to follow a dream. In reality, there is nothing but our dreams to follow. If you have disregarded your dreams as impossible or silly; let it be known that a dream is never "silly" if it stirs the embers of the fire in your belly. Colman Knight knows life offers many choices; we are here to guide you along your own path, wherever your heart leads. 

Modern communication has evolved significantly over the past several decades. It used to be that a visit from the postman - more than once a day - was a cherished and welcomed mode to receive friendly news and worthwhile events. Over the years, our methods of communication have changed so that our primary mailboxes are no longer located at the end of a driveway, but rather with the click of our keyboard on the face of a computer. And rather than being filled with worthwhile mail, our inboxes are often filled with a new form of junk. When we examine our experience, we recognize that your experience might mirror ours.  Our aim for CK Connections is to be informative, inspiring and, dare we say, cherished. Reviewing the analytics of our mailing, it points to an opportunity to produce a monthly newsletter maintaining its integrity and decreasing the clutter in your already full mailboxes. We will continue to send "Highlights" and "Alerts" as situations warrant; but our bi-monthly news will now be sent once a month.

Finally, in regards to your Integral Wealth Portal, we will offer a monthly tip to enhance your user experience. It will be located and highlighted in the format below for easy reference. Please note our tip for this month.  If you have not been able to log on or use the site as you desire, please let us know. Jessie Foster will hold a session with you in person, or on a video chat or on the phone line.  The Integral Wealth Portal, although may be initially complicated, is a well-organized, robust and user friendly application when you have a chance to practice. Put this on your summer bucket list and let us help you cross it off! Enjoy your remaining summer days!
Integral Wealth Portal Tips: How To Master The Client Portal.
TIP# 1   - Accessing your Client Portal
You can access your secure Integral Wealth Client Portal in two ways:
  • Access our website, click on the Client Portal Log-in TabOnce you click on the log-in tab you will be prompted to enter your User ID and password. (User IDs and passwords are case sensitive; type them in carefully.) If you have forgotten your User ID, please call Jessie and she will provide the information. For security purposes, we do not have access to your personal passwords' therefore, we cannot retrieve this information for you.However, if you have forgotten your password, we can re-set your portal with a temporary password which allows you to access your portal and create a new password.

Human vs. Winter (The Sequel)

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