Colombia Adoption Program

Are you ready?

Changes are coming! As we approach August 12th, you will begin to start seeing some changes within the expectations from Colombia regarding adoptive families, dossiers, post adoption reports, etc. ICBF has updated their guidelines for international adoptions. Some of these new guidelines are already being implemented by the adoption committees, but all will be in effect by August 12th

Some of those changes will include the age requirements for PAP’s who want to adopt from Colombia as well as the age ranges to be approved within the home study. The child specific letter of intent changes have already been requested from many of the adoption committees, to include a heartfelt letter, pictures of the home and a video from the family. There will be changes in the length of the PAR’s, how long a post adoption worker needs to spend with a family, and for those adopting sibling groups and/or children 8 years of age and older there will be additional PARs required at 30 months and 36 months. There are more changes that will be coming through with some of the documentation, but we will keep you informed if any of these changes affect your family. 

Please review our website frequently to see what these changes are. As you are seeing these changes rolled out, feel free to touch base with your assigned International Adoption Specialist to see how these changes could impact your adoption journey. We are here to assist those who are adopting from Colombia and always willing to answer questions. We are excited about each family’s adoption journey! 

Feel free to reach out to Misty Lucas, Latin American Programs Director, or call 217-498-9700 to discuss this further and have your questions answered.