The woman pictured above died of colon cancer at age 38.

This discussion is a continuation of a previous discussion about colon cancer.

Colon cancer used to be a totally ignored and boring topic because only old people died from it. Like the saying goes, "when your old, you gotta die someday from something".

But as the colon cancer death rates among young white adults keeps RAPIDLY increasing, huge interest and discussions on this disease can now can be found on TV news, in studies and online.

Colon cancer is now considered a HEALTH CONCERN that every young adult should be aware of.

Unfortunately, most of the advise given to young people today is instructions about how to interpret and spot the warning signs of colon cancer, because it is a REAL KILLER CANCER, so early detection is a must.

It is unfortunate that proactive advice is not also being given?

This lack of proactive advice is BECAUSE NO ONE CLAIMS TO KNOW WHY WHITE YOUNG ADULTS are more and more susceptible colon cancer (according to a ABC News report).

ABC may not know why there is a sharp increase in colon cancer rates among young adults, but I have my suspicions.

I know at least one possible cause for this rate increase: circadian disruption due to ALAN (artificial light at night) NOTE: (Circadian disruption is a relatively new science which may explain why ABC and others are at loss to explain the rate increase)

As I look at the study stats and dates, to me it is obvious that these changing increases of colon cancer rates among young adults share the history of the ever-growing-larger TV set in the home. During the 1980's, computer usage completely migrated away from IBM punch card machines and printers, to persons instead looking directly at a computer screen. The continuation of this colon cancer trend then grows as TV sets start doubling as monitor interfaces for electronic video games, thus placing even more young faces directly in front of a lit screen, even during evening hours.

In the meantime as technology is moving forward, the PC with bigger and bigger monitors begins gracing our middle class American homes. This increasing colon cancer trend then continues to rise while our phones start to fly off of our kitchen countertops and walls and into our pockets and purses as flat bright computer screens.

And finally today, this "in your face" trend for more and more light has caused our old square box TV to crawl off of the living room floor onto the living room wall as a larger flatter movie theater screen, with each succeeding year followed by a home theater screen technology that just keeps getting bigger and brighter.

The colon cancer study stats make sense to me, as usually the bigger and brighter new technologies are first embraced by each new successive batch of young people, as older persons are more resistant to change, thus older persons are not so quickly affected by the new ALAN technologies as young people would be.

With each decade following, each successive generation of young adults has surpassed the previous generation's exposure to ALAN (artificial light at night).

But despite the repeated publishing of research about ALAN and colon cancer, few are publically suggesting to young people to REDUCE COLON CANCER RISK by avoiding circadian-disrupting-ALAN from their cell phones and computers, by the use of specific eyewear and filters.

The good news I want to give to young people is that you can reduce your likelihood of developing colon cancer, and dying young, by protecting your eyes from circadian-disrupting-ALAN.