Monday, Dec. 23, 2019

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Our Band programs delighted audiences with playful renditions of holiday favorites and soulful, jazzy numbers. Our Winter Concert included one final performance of the "Queen Medley."
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Today is the first day of our winter break. We have just concluded the end of both the 2nd quarter and the 1st semester of the 2019-2020 school year. All Orange County Public Schools are closed from Monday, December 23, 2019 through Friday, January 3, 2020. The teachers will return on Monday, January 6, 2020 (teacher workday/student holiday). However, classes will not resume for students until Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

I think you will enjoy this final 2019 issue of The Colonial Connection as we have highlighted several of our year-end celebrations and success stories. Plus, we have prepared a powerful segment overviewing the strengths of our leading Agricultural Sciences program.

If you are traveling over these next two weeks, please drive safely when out on the roadways especially if headed north into more severe winter conditions. I wish everyone a wonderful winter break, holiday season, and best wishes for the New Year!

It's Great To Be A Grenadier!

Dr. Maestre

Colonial High School recognizes the value of our staff, students, and community members as an extra set of eyes and ears and asks for your help in identifying possible safety or security concerns. If you see something or hear of something suspicious, please say something. Be aware. Be responsible. Thank you!

Upcoming Events
January 6: Teacher Workday
January 7: First school day of Quarter 3
January 9: PTSA and SAC will meet at 6pm on Main Campus in the Media Center
January 15: Family Game Night! Students bring your families to the Media Center on Freshman Campus to play games and hang out.  Food will be provided!
January 21: CHS Magnet Open House

Winter Spirit Week
Winter Spirit Week was in full swing!  Christmas Pajamas and Ugly Sweaters were seen all around both campuses!

Freshman Campus: Winter Pep Rally
Colonial Partner in Education Spotlight

Thank you to our Partner, " A Gift for Teaching," for providing CHS student Kevin Vazquez-Garay with the opportunity to shop for gifts!  He was selected from over 80 nominations to go on a shopping spree.  He collected many items and gifts for himself and his family. 

Ms. Lopez (School Board Member), Ms. Vazquez-Garay, Kevin, Ms. Minnear (Teacher), Dr. Maestre, and Dr. Smith (OCPS Executive Area Director).

Semester End Celebrations!
Pictured below, students are playing games and enjoying hot chocolate and donuts. Reading celebrations took place this past week to recognize students for making progress on their reading goals on Main Campus . . .

. . . and on Freshman Campus!  Mrs. Montijo and Dr. Ellis, reading teachers, led the department in writing a proposal and organizing this event. A huge thank you to our School Advisory Council for providing us with the funding to purchase the donuts and hot chocolate. Thank you also to Mrs. Armenteros for organizing and setting up the celebrations!
Academic Spotlight: CHS Agricultural Sciences Program
Colonial High School offers the very best Animal Science Career Technical Education program in Orange County!  
This four-year program guides students through Animal Foundations to learn the basics of plants and animals. The second year provides students with knowledge of the different species of animals and their various systems. The third year focuses on developing student understanding of animal reproduction, nutrition and diseases and disorders. The fourth year empowers students to apply what they learned in the first three years to actually working with the animals on the farm.  At the end of the four years, students can walk away with a Specialist Certificate in Animal Science through the Florida Farm Bureau. Our Animal Science teachers: Ms. Paioff, Mr. App, Ms. Aquino and Ms. Gray ensure that our students are ready for the industry certification!

Pictured below are just a few of the animals that students work with on our main campus.  Student Athena Soto is feeding her 10 chicks, breed Australian Black Orpington,which she has cared for since September.  When asked what she liked about the program, Athena described the opportunity to develop public speaking skills through judging presentations at FFA competitions.  Athena, like several other students in Animal Science, reflected that she is certain Veterinary Science is the career path for her, and that being in CHS' Animal Science program is how she developed the skills needed.  Myzell Amaro, pictured below with his Hampshire cross pig, also described how he enjoys the leadership and career opportunities that this program brings.  He stated that "this is tailored to exactly what I want to do; I am interested in majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida.  

Field trip - FFA at Deseret Ranch (November 22, 2019)


Credit: Samantha Beaman  

Agriscience Foundations work on projects in Mr. App and Ms. Paioff's class to help their knowledge of contemporary agriculture practices.  

Credit: Skyler Call 

Junior, Lillian Fahey, has been training her lamb to listen to commands. During this process, Lillian's lamb, Mr.Tumnus, was very playful and enjoyed running around chasing the goat next to her, Sapphire. Lillian has been apart of Colonial's FFA program for two years now and has been working since the beginning to get her lamb to understand commands.

Credit: Briana Mangrum

Kylie Phillips is alongside her goat Jenny who has been in labor for the past few days, Kylie and the rest of the agriculture department patiently await for the kids (baby goats) to arrive.

Credit: Yulia Noda

Holiday Safety Reminder from CHS Agricultural Sciences 
Please remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Grenadier Athletics
Girls' Basketball 
Our girls' basketball team played several games over the past two weeks, and they will go on to play more during the Christmas tournament hosted by Olympia HS over the winter break. Come on out and support our girls on Dec. 26, at 7:30pm when they take on Tampa Alonso!

Girls' Weightlifting
Girls' weightlifting placed 2nd overall in an 8-school tournament last Friday, while our swim team enjoyed a banquet prepared by Ms. Adams.
Winter Break Schedule

College and Career Resource Center Update

December 31, 2019: Unigo Scholarship
Amount: $10,000
-write an essay on the topic: "Imagine a historical figure is brought back to life. Who is it? What's their favorite mobile app?" (250 words or less)

OCPS Scholarship Bulletin  
Food for Thought: Financial Planning for College  

The economy might be strong in the U.S., but nearly 70 percent of Americans still have less than $1,000 stashed away, according to GOBankingRates' 2019 savings survey. The poll, released December 16, revealed 45 percent have nothing saved which obviously impacts the ability to pay for college down the line.

The rise (and fall?) of the cost of education 
Education inflation appears to be converging with general inflation, at least for now.

For many years, the cost of education has risen steadily and significantly more than the general level of prices. This trend has led to numerous complaints that education is out of reach; it has also led to a boom in student loans. The graph clearly shows how education inflation (blue line) has been above general inflation (red line) every year since 1994. And, again, quite significantly so. The past few observations, however, exhibit a marked reversal, with one observation even showing CPI inflation higher than education inflation.  
Does this mean education will become relatively more affordable now? It's difficult to say from current data, especially since there have been two other episodes, in 2008 and 2011, when the two series converged only to diverge again.  
Time will tell if this latest development is pomp or circumstance so for our college bound Grenadiers, so please take advantage of all the information our College and Career Center has to offer! 
Source: U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - includes the latest data through November 2019.  

Monday's Motivational Moment!

One of the most famous players in the history of baseball is the great Hank Aaron. Ask anyone which player stands out and his name will be mentioned very often. The interesting thing about the great Hank Aaron was this: he failed more times than he succeeded! "Hammerin Hank" hit 755 home runs, but struck out 1,383 times! No one remembers the strikeouts, only the home runs, only the successes! Consider how many great inventions and breakthroughs would have never taken place if failure ended the efforts?
Anyone who fears failure truly limits their opportunities. You see, failure and opportunity are not opposites. In reality, the two are similar and if you look at failure as a learning opportunity to grow and take a better path, you will automatically find more success. Like Hank Aaron, the best athletes grow throughout most of their sports careers based on what they learn from their failures.  

The lesson for our Grenadiers? The true measure of success is not in ending our failures and obstacles, but growing from them. The winners take the lessons from failure, analyze them, set a new course and sail where the winds of trial and error will take them.

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall."   
~ Confucius, Chinese philosopher 
Dr. Maestre, Principal
Colonial High School
Monday, December 23, 2019 
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