Friday, July 3, 2020

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I hope this issue finds you set to enjoy a happy July 4th with friends and family. The campus has been closed all week but will reopen Monday following our summer schedule.

On Tuesday, July 7th the OCPS School Board will hold a work session for the purpose of discussing the reopening of schools - announcement. We look to know more about the start of 2020-2021 next week, but as of now the calendar you see just below stands with preplanning kicking off on July 31st.

With summer break now halfway gone, I hope our Grenadiers have made progress with their summer reading assignments. If not, please do so soon!

Have a nice weekend and please be careful when using any fireworks.

It's Great To Be A Grenadier!

Dr. Maestre

Content and Important Events

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Dates to Watch For
July 7: OCPS School Board work session on school reopening - details 
August 7-9: Florida Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Period - Florida Senate announcement 
August 10: Start of 2020-2021 school year  
* District and school campus hours for the summer are Monday - Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Closed on Fridays. (Appointments only.) 

* OCPS calendar accurate as of July 3, 2020

Reopening Schools for the 2020-2021 School YearFLreopeningplan
The Governor and the Florida Department of Education have presented to the residents of the state of Florida their Reopening Plan which can be found at:

Orange County Public Schools is currently working with schools, parents, students and the community to decide how these plans will be rolled out for the new school year. Please stay tuned to your local news and for additional updates and information. 

Coronavirus UpdatesCoronavirusupdates

For the latest information on Covid-19 in the Orlando Area please visit,   
Summer Reading Assignmentssummerreading

eBooks and Summer ReadingLiteracy
Memos from the Media Center . . .

Our library has E-Books for the students to read at home. The steps to access them on Launchpad are:
1. Click on the "Library Research Tools" button
2. Click on the "Follet Destiny" button Questions and Answers about Follett
3. It will open to our school library and they will automatically see all the e-books available.
4. Students will see the e-books banner with their covers.
5. They can use the arrows on the banner or click "See all" button
6. Choose the book
7. Click on the "Open" button
8. Start reading

We have the Florida Teens Read books and others. And students can bookmark the page where they left off. Students, please remember to log in your minutes on Beanstack.

The steps for Beanstack:
1. Click on the Beanstack app Beanstack ยป Marshes of Glynn Libraries
2. Click on the "Log Reading" button
3. Click on the "Minutes" button
4. Students will click on the day of the reading
5. They will enter the minutes read on "Time Spent Reading"
6. They will type the title of the book, as they start inputting the name it will show titles that are similar. They will click on the title of their book.
7. Students can choose to leave a review if they wish
8. Lastly, click the "Log" button.
9. Students, please register on the "Spring into Reading" program. This is a competition program , meaning there are prizes for students and the school with the most logged minutes.

Another great resource for free books for those who prefer listening to read alouds...
Free Audiobooks: Available now through the end of the summer:

Thank you, stay safe, and have a great summer!

Andrea Parisi & Aimee Havrilesko
Media Specialists: Main Campus and 9th Grade Center

Dress Codedresscode

Last month, the Orlando Sentinel posted a guest piece by School Board Member, Melissa Byrd.  Ms, Byrd wrote: "After being frustrated with this code for 11 years, I am proud to have a code no longer objectifying our young girls. The board has held two meetings where revisions were made, and the now the final draft will come before the board to be voted on June 23." 
Orlando Sentinel (June 16, 2020) - "Good riddance to Orange County dress code that singles out girls" (Commentary)
Below is the draft of the OCPS School Dress Code in the Student Code of Conduct that was voted on June 23rd.

* Please click on image for more information.

2020 Censuscensusreminder

School lunches. Plans for highways. Support for firefighters and families in need. Census results affect our community every day. July 31 is the last day to respond for most people - Respond Here (U.S. Census Bureau)

Did you know...
  • Census results affect planning and funding for healthcare-including programs such as Medicaid, Medicare Part B, State Children's Health Insurance, and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse.
  • Census results affect planning and funding for education-including programs such as Head Start, Pell Grants, school lunches, rural education, adult education, and grants for preschool special education.
  • Census results affect planning and funding for infrastructure-including programs for highway planning and construction, Section 8 housing, federal transit, community development, and rural water and waste disposal systems.
  • Census results affect planning and funding for employment and training-including programs for vocational rehabilitation state grants, dislocated workers, and American Indian and Alaska Native employment and training.
More information:

Summer Break Reminders . . .summerbreakreminders

Avoiding the "Summer Slide"
Students, since you are able to keep your laptops during the summer, please keep practicing on our digital platforms! Reading Plus, Math XL, Khan Academy, and Beanstack will each offer practice with academic skills.

Yearbook Sales
Students can still order the yearbook online at School Pay for $50.00. The price has not increased and will remain at the current price. There is a limited supply and orders will be processed in the order in which they are received.  Be sure to take a screenshot or save a copy of the final purchase confirmation page for your records.  Please contact Mrs. Sharon Christensen-Jones ( to confirm your online purchase of the Yearbook.

Parents and students we know that during this time of distance learning, you may have various questions. The CHS Students Services team has created a Frequently Asked Questions document  to answer questions that you may have. Direct link here:

Class of 2021 Senior Portraits

Student Services Newsletterstudentservicesnewsletter

Clubs & Organizationsclubs
Colonial offers a wide variety of clubs & organizations to its students - list and contacts. Many of them regularly win awards at both the local and state level. We encourage our Grenadiers to take a look what is offered this summer and see what they might enjoy given their interests and goals!  
Latinos in Action: 
Our Latinos in Action students discussing course goals and objectives with each other last August not long after school began. Latinos in Action is a service learning course designed to foster leadership skills in our students and they are an awesome service organization helping many people!  
Colonial's Club Rush: 
Four weeks after school started last year, we held our annual Club Rush. Colonial clubs and organizations had their presentations set up in the courtyard.

During Club Rush '19, Future Farmers of America (FFA), our award-winning agricultural science organization, shared animal care details with their fellow Grenadiers. Students and faculty enjoyed seeing Jenny the goat and holding the non-venomous snakes.

The Step Team and the Legacy Club are all about student empowerment and positive energy at Colonial!  


All college-bound students should take both the ACT and the SAT one time in their junior year.

A second test in SAT and/or ACT is recommended again in the junior year or at the latest in the fall of the senior year. Students who have free/reduced lunch can take both the SAT 2 times (not including the school day SATs) and the ACT 2 times for FREE.

Students who have not passed the FSA and have used all of your SAT/ACT waivers, please see your counselor to discuss your options.

If you want a SAT waiver, check your collegeboard account first to see if your free test waivers are already unlocked. If not, then see your counselor for a SAT Waiver! If you want an ACT waiver, see your counselor.
FSA Passing Alternatives
Students who have not passed the FSA Grade 10 Reading or Algebra 1 FSA should register to take the SAT and/or ACT to achieve FSA Grade 10 Reading or Algebra 1 FSA concordant scores. Earning a concordant score means that you will no longer have to continue taking the FSA Grade 10 reading or the Algebra 1 FSA (you would be considered "all set" for graduation!). There are different sections in different exams that can be used to meet these two testing requirements. The charts below break down, by grade level, what test you would need to take and what score you would need to earn to be considered "all set".

Keep in mind, students would only need to earn ONE of the following scores in order to satisfy the FSA Grade 10 Reading or Algebra 1 FSA graduation requirement. Graduation concordant scores were updated by the Florida Department of Education Summer 2018, so carefully check your graduating class below to see what you would need to meet your class's graduation

Summer Resources for all Studentssummerstudentresources

Summer Meal Service 
Summer meals will be distributed Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to noon on the Colonial High School Campus. Students and/or a parent or guardian can pick up breakfast and lunch. On Thursday, they can pick up two days of breakfast and lunch.

Teen Xpress Health Services 
Teen Xpress has returned to our Main Campus to provide health services at Colonial High School. Teen Xpress services are open to any Orange County students from 11 to 18 years old. Services are free and you do not need to have insurance. Consent forms are available in the front office. Please call today for your appointment 321-842-1766 or for Spanish 321-842-1765.


Food for Thoughtfoodforthought

1. The June 2020 jobs report brought forth a familiar pattern:

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (7/2/2020); data table   
2. Most widely spoken languages in the world:

Source: Unique World   
3. Chemicals in cigarettes:


Source: Airtopia; Read full article

4. Be careful handling fireworks; even sparklers!

Animated US Flag
Happy July 4th Grenadiers!
Dr. Maestre, Principal
Colonial High School
Friday, July 3, 2020 

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