Monday, June 1, 2020

Pictured very top:
Seniors enjoyed a celebratory drive through campus one last time.The balloon arch at the gate welcomed our Class of 2020, while along the route teachers and staff cheered them on with signs and enthusiasm! Seniors were able to pick up special goody bags. At the end of the route, Dr. Maestre saluted our Senior class in full graduation regalia. We love our Seniors! Thank you to all who made this possible and who helped us celebrate our very special class of 2020.
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Friday's Class of 2020 Senior Drive Through was a smashing success and I thank everyone that worked so hard to make this a memorable event for our senior class. If you will click on our Facebook page you will find a few videos that really capture the spirit of the evening. In viewing these, I think you will agree that our seniors got the message loud and clear about how proud we are of them! Next for our seniors is Thursday's virtual graduation ceremony which we invite all to participate in. Below is a flyer with a link to view the ceremony. Simply scan with the camera on your phone, and it will take you right there.

As usual, you will find some important reminders and announcements below. I hope this finds your June and summer break off to a fantastic start!

It's Great To Be A Grenadier!

Dr. Maestre

Local Business Support
A huge thank you to Adele Place Apartments for their extreme generosity. This partner in education donated goody bag items that were given to Seniors at the Drive Thru on Friday night.
Dates to Watch For
June 1: Start of OCPS Summer Meal Program
June 4: Class of 2020 graduation will be conducted virtually at 8:20 pm
June 15: Report Cards posted on Skyward 
June 21: Happy Father's Day! 
July 22 (Tentative) : Live graduation ceremony at the Jennings- Kite Stadium, time to be determined. Final decision depends on approval of the CDC due to the Covid-19 situation.    
OCPS 2020-2021 Calendar (subject to change based upon the Covid-19 situation): 
Important Reminders

Final Grades 
Report Card grades will be posted in Skyward after June 15.

Laptops and Summer Practice 
Students, since you are able to keep your laptops during the summer, please keep practicing on our digital platforms! Reading Plus, Math XL, Khan Academy, and Beanstack will each offer practice with academic skills.
Making sense of the chart:
The chart shows the association between time spent on Official SAT Practice like Khan Academy and score gains from the PSAT/NMSQT to the SAT. Students who spent no time on Official SAT Practice, either because they did not link College Board and Khan accounts (first bar) or because they linked but spent no time on Official SAT Practice (second bar), gained about 60 points between the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT. In contrast, students who spent 6 hours on Official SAT Practice, this gain was about 90 points. For the group of students who spent 20 hours on Official SAT Practice, the average gain was about 115 points. Students who dedicated more than 22 hours to Official SAT Practice experienced an average score gain of 127 points between the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT.

Source: College Board; Read full report 

Virtual Summer School Starts Tuesday, June 2 
Virtual summer school programs will take place starting June 2 through June 25. Students who have registered for programs will be contacted by their summer school teacher on June 1. Students may use Canvas or other digital resources throughout these programs. Contact if you have any questions.
Students can still order the yearbook online at School Pay for $50.00. The price has not increased and will remain at the current price. There is a limited supply and orders will be processed in the order in which they are received.  Be sure to take a screenshot or save a copy of the final purchase confirmation page for your records. Please contact Mrs. Sharon Christensen-Jones ( to confirm your online purchase of the Yearbook.
Virtual Graduation (Thursday, June 4)


Student Services


Local Business Support
Colonial High School would like to express our sincerest gratitude for all of the hard work, dedication, and service provided by 4 Rivers over the last several weeks. You served Colonial High School admirably and you fed our community with nutritious meals and lots of love during a very unprecedented and uncertain time in our society. Thank you so much; we are so grateful.
4 Rivers Smokehouse
Summer Reading

Please click here for the Colonial summer reading assignments by grade level.

Our library has E-Books for the students to read at home. The steps to access them on Launchpad are:
Step 1: Click on the "Library Research Tools" button
1. Click on the "Library Research Tools" button
2. Click on the "Follet Destiny" button Questions and Answers about Follett
3. It will open to our school library and they will automatically see all the e-books available.
4. Students will see the e-books banner with their covers.
5. They can use the arrows on the banner or click "See all" button
6. Choose the book
7. Click on the "Open" button
8. Start reading

We have the Florida Teens Read books and others. And students can bookmark the page were they left of. Students, please remember to log in your minutes on Beanstack.

The steps for Beanstack:
Step 1: Click on the Beanstack app
1. Click on the Beanstack app Beanstack ยป Marshes of Glynn Libraries
2. Click on the "Log Reading" button
3. Click on the "Minutes" button
4. Students will click on the day of the reading
5. They will enter the minutes read on "Time Spent Reading"
6. They will type the title of the book, as they start inputting the name it will show titles that are similar. They will click on the title of their book.
7. Students can choose to leave a review if they wish
8. Lastly, click "Log" button.
9. Students, please register on the "Spring into Reading" program. This is a competition program , meaning there are prizes for students and the school with the most logged minutes.

Another great resource for free books for those who prefer listening to read alouds...

Free Audiobooks: Available now through the end of the summer:

Thank you, stay safe, and have a great summer!

Andrea Parisi & Aimee Havrilesko
Media Specialists: Main Campus and 9th Grade Center

Class of 2021

Advanced Studies Freshmen Experience


Senior Awards

If you were unable to view the Senior Awards, please visit the link on the graphic below.

Resources for All Students

Emotional/Mental Health Support
Florida Blue is offering a free Bilingual 24 helpline to any Floridian, insured or not, for support in managing feelings of stress, anxiety, grief or fear related to the virus. The phone number is: 833-848-1762

Here is the link with more information:

Community Resources
Call 211 for financial assistance, health programs, crisis support and more.
For additional resources contact Hilda Tolentino, CHS SAFE Coordinator:

Summer Meals 
Summer meals will be distributed Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to noon. Students and/or a parent or guardian can pick up breakfast and lunch. On Thursday, they can pick up two days of breakfast and lunch - details and locations

Source: CDC - Florida is in the highest group approaching 25%; Presentation on dietary behaviors
OCPS "Return to School" Survey Results

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Leadership Team Biographies: Leadership Team Biographies

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